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Did exactly this last week. Looked quite nice.
I went back and forth but figured what the heck. Life is too short!
Racing green and slate guncheck ordered!
Picked one up in the store yesterday. It looks even better in person. It was also nice to see the Epaulet and Gitman pin dot chambray shirts side by side. I ended up choosing the Epaulet because it looked a bit more refined and seemed better for work.
Union Made Goods has their first batch of Gitman shirts for Spring on their site. There's a few I haven't seen before. The florals look pretty great.
I'd be in on a #4 tanker too.
I was in the shop yesterday and Mike was talking about a looooooong list of new ones for this Spring. Too many for me to remember, but I recall colors, fabrics, rivets, buttons, etc. all being up for grabs in 2012.  
I second that. Wore my new Indy's in loden green yesterday and they feel amazing.
Penfield is also making a similar one this year. There's a really great green tweed version with leather shoulders.
Looks like a restock on the Walt pale grape herringbone trousers:   http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1204/%27%27Slim-Walt-Trouser-Pale/Detail
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