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Just saw Hickorees is selling the same Beams x Armor Lux shirt at an astronomical increase over Epaulet. Wowsers...  
I went into the store planning on buying the grape sportcoat and walked out with this one. It looks even more amazing in person.    
Agreed. It looks amazing in person. I went for the green windowpane linen. Too good to pass up...  
I'm a 31 in the rivets too. If I recall the waist measurements for the 31 rivets is 31.5 and the 30 Walts is 31.    
I'm a true 31 and wear a 30 in  the Walts. The waist on those is actually 31.  
agreed. this isn't representative of the overall quality or service provided by epaulet.
Do you have someone take pictures of you everyday?? You must really enjoy being photographed!  
Everything in this photo kills me. Must unsubscribe from this thread and move out of Brooklyn immediately...
Did exactly this last week. Looked quite nice.
I went back and forth but figured what the heck. Life is too short!
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