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The jacket-pant combination is really amazing.
I'm definitely down for the double monks.  
I'd be in for the green double monks.  
I have these and love them. I also have the Unionmade Loden Indy boots and they are my most comfortable pair of shoes.
I take a 36 in J. Crew suit jackets and purchased a 38 in the Caine hopsack. It's a tad big in the shoulders, but fine otherwise.
The craziness of delivery service. I ordered Thursday night, live in NYC and still haven't received my last order. Too funny...  
I've had a number of Walts for a while, but I have a quick questions for anyone who has had their Walts let out in the waist -- did your tailor have any issues with it and when they let out the waist did they need to let out the butt as well? Mine are fine in the butt, but I could use an inch in the waist these days... Thanks for the guidance!  
I traveled to Rome last year with my Indy boots and they were a great choice. Some of the historic sites can get pretty dusty if you're headed in that direction.   Enjoy your trip!  
Has anyone heard about the most recent Carmina delivery? I thought the revised date was earlier this week, but I've yet to see a post or photos.
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