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AE Dundees in cappuccino shell CTyrwhitt socks    
Carmina navy shell wholecuts w/ teal laces from the Knottery alpaca argyles    
AS burgundy shell monks super comfy alpaca socks  
 They are pretty sweet. What good taste you have.
Carmina shell bluchers w/ laces from the Knottery    
  I agree about the last. These were 2nds, my 1st shells.   As for the laces, I was trying to liven up the otherwise institutional shoes. The freshman seminar I teach is having dinner at the college president's house, & our school colors are red & black plaid. So, w/o even seeing the plaid bowtie & cufflinks, you're right; it's over top. I prefer to think of it as Jack Donaghy's "power clash."
  AE black shell Leeds w/ laces from the Knottery
  AE black shell Leeds w/ laces from the Knottery Brooks Bro socks
  I wear a bowtie to profess in every day, & a colleague suggested that I make my own. I have no sewing experience, so I went to YouTube to look for a primer. There were some videos, but they all seemed to leave out middle steps that I needed to see as a newbie. Can you point to any sources to help a beginner learn to sew a bowtie?
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