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FWIW, those of you in the US trying to figure out payment options might want to consider Western Union. That was Mr. Kuti's suggestions when my bank balked at a wire transfer. It was a little confusing & a slight hassle to jump through the online hoops, but I will end up paying $548 for wiring (from my bank acct) 115,100 HUF to Vass for a pair of scotchgrain NST on the 3636 last. According to online converters, the market rate for 115,100 HUF is about $542, so Western...
^^^^^ Wow! Your finds never fail to amaze.
How about 2 bowtie makers in SC?:   Hanauer   Cordial Churchman   Hanauer is in the mill town where my family is from, & the Cordial Churchman is about 5 miles down the road.
Sorry, wrong thread. Has a showroom in Augsburg.
AS Taransay emergency back-up socks bought in Berlin    
^^^^ Nice combo! Do you have the proverbial 2 left feet?
Barker boots for the rain Gap socks    
  I'm a college professor, so anything goes.
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