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^^I dig those Carmina combos, & the Vass are very classy.   AS MTO shell monks alpaca argyles  
Cheaney brogue monks  
  Is there some trick to finding all of the Carmina models at Trading Post? When I go to the Carmina collection link, these boots don't show up.
  And you didn't even see the Where's-Waldo striped shirt, regimental bowtie, Elton John glasses, and Dr. Seuss hat that I was wearing with them! 
  Those are beautiful shoes. I have 3 pairs of AS Exclusive shoes, and I think that they're excellent. 2 MTOs are outstanding, & I also really like the LE Taransays w/ Harris tweed. The Stepneys look too good to me to be beaters, but you'll like them, assuming you get the right size. I think that AFPoS is really good at sizing advice.
  Yep. I only had 10 mins before a meeting & wasn't paying attention.         Thanks, David! They seem to fit perfectly when I put them on. There's a little rub on the instep, but they're remarkably close to just right.
handmade wood-pegged NST CTyrwhitt socks     I keep thinking, "Today's the last warm day to wear seersucker," & the weather keeps proving me wrong 
New Paprikas courtesy of fritzl & Slewfoot. These iPhone pix seem pretty good, except for my messy office in the background.                  
  I dreamed last night that I was reading the business section of the newspaper, & Skoaktiebolaget was listed as a stock or mutual fund. Various Carmina models were listed next to it with prices & all of the usual data that appears for stocks.   Is 'sko-' pronounced as /sk-/ or /sh-/?
Handmade NST from Operation Paprika via fritzl BB sock  
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