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  These are my 1st Vass, & they hit the nail on the head. I think I would've liked a little more pop on the goyser stitch, but maybe that would've been tacky.
  My knowledge of shoes isn't good enough to explain exactly what I mean to say, but both pairs fit very similarly. The Paprikas don't need thick socks, even though it looks like they're  wider at the instep, & the Vass don't need thin socks. I get a comfortable fit w/ both, esp. in the toe box, w/ the Paprikas rubbing a little on the instep. Gerd made the same comment about the toe tap. I'll have to get some put on.
  The Rain last (the only 1 I have experience with) is narrower, esp. in the toe box, but this pair of wholecuts is slightly loose in the heels. Another pair of Carmina derbies on the Rain (comparison pix to come soon) are also slightly narrow in the toes, but w/o the heel slippage. I think that I have high-ish insteps; if I lace the Carminas tight enough to stop the heel slippage, then I get pain at the instep. I get a little bit of rubbing at the instep in Paprikas, but...
Paprika (lighter) & Vass (darker)              
Vass NST CTyrwhitt socks  
  There's a regular New Year's-ish sale for %10 off, & I got email w/ in the last couple of weeks for a flash 24-hr sale at %20.
  Somerville? They're beautiful.
Gerd (fritzl) has suggested I do some comparison pix with SF-familiar shoes for the benefit of those of us who don't have easy access to Austro-Hungarians. I'm starting with the Carmina wholecuts I wore today. These are in navy shell on the Rain last (model 910-006). I hope I've come close to highlighting their respective qualities.          
      Here are mine after 10ish(?) wears.
  Thanks. These are my 1st Vass shoes, so I can't compare lasts. I wanted a traditional last, but the Budapest looks a little clunky to me in pix (I've never seen them in person). So I picked 3636, & it sounds like I got lucky in choosing a last that works pretty well for me. I usually have rubbing at the instep, but not w/ these. My 1 small quibble w/ the shoes is that the black stitching for the goyser (recommended by Mr. Kuti) is all but invisible against the dark...
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