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  I've ordered 2x from the E-tique, & the process was easy & response quick. Any aspect of the process in particular you're interested in?
  Wow! Great pic. I've been wondering what the 2-toned traditional models look like in real life. Bordeaux toes & antique cognac?
Group shot: Vass 3636, AS 87, Carmina Rain, Paprika, Alden Barrie, AE 5.        
Last shoe-dialogue (for a while, at least): The grand old man of American shoes, the Alden LWB in #8 shell cordovan. Barrie 10D in LWB: 43.5 (I think) in Paprika.              
Co-starring Allen Edmonds shell cordovan Strands (AE 10E, Paprika 43.5 [I believe]):                    
  Thanks. I'll just have to try when I get the time.
Cappuccino shell Dundees in the wild.    
AE Dundees in cappuccino shell JCrew socks    
^^^Clear & concise as usual. Thanks.
Today's dance partner: Alfred Sargent monks in burgundy shell cordovan on the 87 last.                  
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