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Strands in brown shell cordovan.
I've been emailing Pepe Albaladejo, and here's what he tells me about their future online offerings:   "Our 'Linea Maestro' Shell Cordovan pairs are priced at the moment at 290€ (Hand lasted and handmade goodyear welted). The 'Linea Maestro' Collection between 250€ ([Annonay french calf, Freudenberg calf, Janus calf suede], Hand lasted and handmade goodyear welted.) - 370€ (Norwegesse construction pairs, Hand lasted and Handmade goodyear welted).  And our Meermin...
It looks like there will be another Spanish source for shell next year, Meermin of Mallorca, which seems to be a slightly lower-end branch of the Carmina family.   Here's the 1 shell offering on their tumblr site:   In email from Pepe Albaladejo, he tells me that " 'Linea Maestro' Shell Cordovan pairs are priced at the moment at 290€ (Hand lasted and handmade goodyear...
Is there a VAT reduction from the prices posted on the website?
I did just receive an unexpected $500. I'm tempted by Carmina double-monks @ Epaulet, but I think I'll add a little more money & order custom shell cordovan saddle shoes from Alfred Sargent.
I just received some shoes from Alfred Sargent shipped via UPS to Illinois. There were NO custom charges. Your mileage may vary.
Too good to be true. I got to the checkout stage, & the page crashed. The price is now back to $550. Only the calf versions are still on sale.
I ordered AS Eden monks (last 87) in burgundy shell cordovan on Sep. 19, and they just arrived this morning. They're gorgeous and fit perfectly, a minor miracle given my complete lack of experience with English shoe sizes. Here are first pics. I'll post a fuller review later. Nick D.      
I'm considering buying brogued boots as yard-work/winter wear & would like some help.   1) Do leather soles really work well with a working boot? I imagine them being too slick & subject to soaking.   2) I'm a fool for shell cordovan, but I can't justify spending so much money on shoes for labor. Can anyone suggest reasonably priced goodyear welted brogued boots? I'm considering:   AE Dalton (probably on sale or as seconds), Cheaney Cleveland, Loake 1880...
Anyone tried the Holyrood by Cheaney?
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