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I got free exchange shipping for the Columbus Day sale last year. In that instance the shoe was defective, so it made sense for AE to pay for the exchange. I also would probably interpret "FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS" to mean no charge for return shipping, but I wonder if, given the OP's experience, it means that there's no restocking fee.
Quote: Is this a standard AE shoe? If so, why is the original price $200 more than a comparable AE shoe?
Quote:   Thanks for all of the suggestions! I've checked out most of them, but a couple are new or had fallen off my radar. I don't know Context or Kian Matthew.   I was very tempted by those Carmina double monks @ Epaulet, as well as by several of their shell offerings that appear in their online catalogue (but not in their online store). I think I'm going to try the Cheaney Holyrood double monks. Septième Largeur has double monks & NSTs (w/ triple-soles) in shell at...
Quote: I didn't ask about the Paul Smiths, but I asked about the navy longwings & was told that they ARE Horween shell. That's a great price for an unusual color. Too bad they're at the end of their limited run.   Nick D.
Does anyone have any experience with Grenson's shell offerings? I'd really like to get this longwing in NAVY, but I'm afraid that the 10UK would be too big for my 10.5DUS feet.   What about Paul Smith, again at End?   Indios Brogues   Thanks,   Nick D.
Quote: Those are nice looking boots! Thanks for pointing out that website. I thought that I had virtually ogled every cordovan shoe on the web, but that seller is new to me. I'm contemplating ravello chukkas, probably from the Shoemart. Split toes are another wish. Can you point me to any other sellers off the beaten path (not Shoemart, Alden of Carmel/SF/NY, etc.)?   Thanks,   Nick
Have you considered the Brooks Bros shell boot in brown? I believe they're by C&J. They start out just under $1000, so they'll be less on sale. You could email Chay Cooper @ Alfred Sargent to find out if MTO really would be more than 1K. AS does shell in dark cognac, which isn't exactly cigar, but isn't too far off. Just a thought.    I've also wondered about the real look of ravello & whiskey, so I'm planning a trip to Alden of San Fran to ogle the cordovans while...
^Thanks for setting me straight. That makes more sense than lining everything but the heel.   Nick
Quote: They're not done to handmade standards, but they're supposed to be higher quality than benchgrade. Semi-handgrade?
I'd like to share my great experiences ordering shoes from Alfred Sargent. After asking for shell cordovan sources here and on AAAC, I emailed Chay Cooper @ AS and received an astonishingly fast reply. We emailed back & forth, & I finally decided to go for Edens, an older model single-strap monk on the 87 last, in burgundy shell to AS Exclusive standards. My real problem was the size, since I couldn't make it to any of the US trunk shows and had no experience (as it...
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