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D'ohhhh! Posted in wrong thread. Sorry.
  I had the same experience earlier this year in Manchester. I pronounced it like former veep (Dick) Cheney, & the salesman corrected me--chee-nee, rhymes with "genie."
AS only uses 4 colors of shell: burgundy, whiskey, cognac, & black. Daydream accordingly.
Some models on sale @ for %22 off w/ code FRIDAY22.
Vass NST JCrew sox    
  Not quite the same, but close:
  Ruby shell brogues now on the website. I'd buy them if they WEREN'T on the Simpson.
  I have yet to pay duties on any shoes ordered from England, Spain, or Hungary, but it sounds like I must just be lucky. Lots of otherr SFers describe getting duty notices from the shippers.
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