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I think that the Leather Soul Alden Nassau looks a lot sleeker than the standard PTB.
Quote: In my very limited experience my 10.5D US worked out as 9.5E/F UK: AS monks, Barker Harrison boots, Cheaney derby & monk, C&J Weymouth. My C&J for RL Marlow (325 last) shell wingtips are 10D on the advice of the RL website, & they were very tight in the toebox & vamp. I had them stretched, but next time I'd go for a 10E or 10.5D.
  Nice choices. How did you order them?    
Quote: I emailed the company in early Dec. asking about the online webstore & ended up exchanging emails w/ Mr. Albaladejo himself. When I emailed again last week to see whether they'd be online soon (apparently they won't), he allowed me to place an order in appreciation of my enthusiasm. I'll post a review when they arrive.
Quote:   Thanks for the clarification. I just ordered the black double monks w/ the medallion toe, & I would've felt duped if they weren't made in Spain.  
Quote: I agree that I don't think that the shoes are of inferior quality b/c they're made in China, but I'd like to support manufacturers whose workers enjoy Western labor standards.   Are the Linea Maestro shoes also made in China?
Quote: Can you identify what this image is? Why is it famous? I'm having difficulty deciphering what I'm looking at.   Thanks,   Nick D.  
Quote: Great link. Thanks!
This thread is immensely informative for a newbie like me, but I'd also be interested in the turnaround time. DWFII, I believe that I read on your website that the wait for your boots is 3 years. Would shoes require a similar wait? Is Jon Gray's turnaround similar?   Thanks for all of the insight.   Nick D.
I was also curious after reading posts around the forum about the cost of handmade shoes in the US. I went to the Cordwainers' site HCC in DFWII's sig as my starting point. On the discussion board (, I clicked on Topics, then the Gallery (sorry, but the site uses frames, & I don't know how to get the URL to take me straight to the Gallery) to see pics of what people were making. I then googled a couple of the regular...
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