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Posts by ncdobson Size might still be problematic, but you could get the neutral color & have dyed to suit.
AE Holt + Viccel OTC    
I'm looking at suede Connaughts as my 1st C&Js. I own 5 pairs of English shoes & 2 pairs of boots. 4 of 5 shoes (2x AS, 2x Cheaney, all avg width) are a little narrow & rub at the instep. The only exception is the very generous AS 7WK last. Both pairs of boots are super comfy. Should I go up a width (F, or is it G?) for C&J (as well other English rtw shoes)? or will I be swimming in them? I guess the question is, how much difference is there between English widths?
^^^^^ Beautiful shoes! Which last is that?
Inspired by Uncle Mac--AE cappuccino shell Dundees + toasty alpaca argyles    
  Nobody sees them, so I wear burlap. From the Outer Hebrides, of course.
  Thank you, uncle. I'm coming around to the charms of OTC.
Cheaney brogue monks 1st pair of Viccel cotton OTC    
Alfred Sargent Taransay w/ Harris Tweed.    
You can see the recrafting process here:
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