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  The skinny brown laces that came w/ them seemed both boring & anemic. When I ordered the blue laces, I was hoping for something a little subtler, but I still like them.
  Nice shoes! Wish I were Quedlinburg.
AE Players in brown suede w/ light blue laces from the Knottery. I was hoping the laces would be a lighter, less electric blue when I ordered them, but I still like the combo.     Carmina navy shell wholecuts w/ teal laces from the Knottery.   Carmina green shell bluchers w/ green laces from the Knottery.
AE Players    
AE brown shell Strands CTyrwhitt socks boring chinos
  I emailed & got a quick response. Here's what they will have:      
  Thanks for the IDS! I bought some Sargent leather/tweed captoes this summer, so I guess I have a pair of spectators after all.
I think I recognize some, but could you ID them for me? I've been thinking about taking the spectator plunge, but haven't yet. Thanks for the inspiration.
Fantastic mix of ultra funky & cool classics.
Wow! +1 on details, please.
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