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Is there a reason why cream polishes or dubbins are labeled "for smooth leather"? Do they cause problems if used w/ grain leathers?
  200€ shipped to US.
Just received this Horween whiskey wallet + coin pocket from           My pix make it look more orange than in real life. The URL above leads to an eBay site, but if you email the seller you can order w/o going through eBay & get a lower price w/o eBay fees (& VAT if you're outside of Europe). His eBay store lists watch bands in lots of shell colors, so you might be able to get other colors, too.
  I have only 1 pair on New Rey. I went TTS UK (9.5 vs. 10.5US/10E AE/10 Barrie) on Pepe's advice, & they're too narrow. I'd go up .5 if I wanted any more on the New Rey.
  You're right. They're doing for Carmina what Leather Soul & Leffot have done for Alden, though Carmina was less stodgy to begin with.
^^^^ Dude! You're like a crack dealer at a junkies' support group. "My name is N, & I'm a Carmina addict..."
  Is there more than 1 model in ruby shell on the site? I only see this Simpson captoe:
AE Players + Knottery laces Viccel socks    
^^^ Beautiful comparisons. How's the AS whisky shell doing, texture-wise? My AS whisky gibsons dry out & get scaly pretty quickly.
I posted this question in the C&J thread but got no love. So, I'll make it into a general English shoe question.     I own 5 pairs of English shoes & 2 pairs of boots. 4 of 5 shoes (2x AS, 2x Cheaney, all avg width) are a little narrow & rub at the instep. The only exception is the very generous AS 7WK last. Both pairs of boots (1 Barker F, 1 Hogg by Cheaney G) are super comfy. Should I go up a width (F, or is it G?) for future English rtw shoes? or will I be...
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