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Is there a reason why cream polishes or dubbins are labeled "for smooth leather"? Do they cause problems if used w/ grain leathers?
  200€ shipped to US.
Just received this Horween whiskey wallet + coin pocket from www.shellcordovan.de:           My pix make it look more orange than in real life. The URL above leads to an eBay site, but if you email the seller you can order w/o going through eBay & get a lower price w/o eBay fees (& VAT if you're outside of Europe). His eBay store lists watch bands in lots of shell colors, so you might be able to get other colors, too.
  I have only 1 pair on New Rey. I went TTS UK (9.5 vs. 10.5US/10E AE/10 Barrie) on Pepe's advice, & they're too narrow. I'd go up .5 if I wanted any more on the New Rey.
  You're right. They're doing for Carmina what Leather Soul & Leffot have done for Alden, though Carmina was less stodgy to begin with.
^^^^ Dude! You're like a crack dealer at a junkies' support group. "My name is N, & I'm a Carmina addict..."
  Is there more than 1 model in ruby shell on the site? I only see this Simpson captoe: http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=4334252.
AE Players + Knottery laces Viccel socks    
^^^ Beautiful comparisons. How's the AS whisky shell doing, texture-wise? My AS whisky gibsons dry out & get scaly pretty quickly.
I posted this question in the C&J thread but got no love. So, I'll make it into a general English shoe question.     I own 5 pairs of English shoes & 2 pairs of boots. 4 of 5 shoes (2x AS, 2x Cheaney, all avg width) are a little narrow & rub at the instep. The only exception is the very generous AS 7WK last. Both pairs of boots (1 Barker F, 1 Hogg by Cheaney G) are super comfy. Should I go up a width (F, or is it G?) for future English rtw shoes? or will I be...
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