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^^^^Beautiful! The yellow is a very subtle background for the contrasting blue and brown. Bravo.
^Yep, they're double pegged. The insole says in Gman "classic wooden-pegged."
Crosspost from the Austro-Hungarian thread. These are Handmacher MTO Budapesters from Austria. I find the heel stack esp. pleasing to the eye.  
Handmacher from Austria. The 1st pair is the traditional Vienna captoe derby in black calf & wine-red Scotch grain. The 2nd pair is the traditional Budapester full-brogue derby in chestnust calf (Kastanien) & cognac Scotch grain.I'm a TTS 10.5D/E according to the Brannock device, 9.5F/G in most UK brands, 43.5 in Euro sizes. I would've ordered the 9.5, but Fritzl suggested 8.5H (wide) or 9.0G (regular). I ended up ordering the captoe in 9.0H & the Budapester in 9.0G. The...
Sanders x 2.    
Sanders green suede derby, Richer Poorer sock, Levi's jeans.  
Sanders navy suede derby + Benjo laces, JCrew sock, Gap khakis.  
Thanks. That makes perfect sense.
Looks like I picked a bad day to...stop drinking coffee...sniff glue...& post a shoe care question in this thread. So, I'll try again:   Is there a reason why cream polishes or dubbins are labeled "for smooth leather"? Do they cause problems if used w/ grain leathers?
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