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 Do you have to pay extra for a shirred shoulder? Looks really nice!
Thanks, didn't notice that one. But does it still fade? Or is it already sanforized and all that stuff?
Anyone here who has ordered a pair of jeans? I am not sure which fabric to choose so I am looking for pictures. For now I thinking about one of these: - 12 oz raw indigo - 13 oz raw indigo   Anyone here who has a recommendation? I'm looking for a nice pair of raw jeans like APC Petit Standard and...
Cerrutti 1881 - Prerry nice, unfortunately it gets a bit powdery after a few hours. Also since I am already posting here: Anyone has some nice recommendations for a good spring/summer fragrance? I already have Allure and Kiton as light scents but I want to expand my collection. Any ideas? 
If you are wearing normally a 34 I would suggest to go for a 32 in APC sizes. Which fit are you looking for? If you want a pretty "baggy" fit like a Levis 501 I would suggest the APC Rescue. If you want a fit that's a bit slimmer but not tapered I would pick the NS! 
Can't see it really good but the shoulders look a bit to wide and too angular. This results in an extreme V because at the waist it's pretty "hollow". If you could post a picture of a 48 it's easier to compare.
Anyone here know some websites where I can cop affordable bracelets like people were wearing at the pitti? Examples:  
Thank you very much! Are there any other things I have to keep in mind while ordering? 
When measuring the sleevelength. Do you measure from the middle of the yoke to the end of the sleeve, including the cuff.  Or do you measure from the middle yoke to the begin of the cuff?   
How should I size the shoe trees? My shoes will be size 6.5UK but the trees are 6.5 - 7.5UK. Is it safe to choose that size or should I size down because of stretching?
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