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As in everything I guess, everyone has there own situation. For me (not married, but planning a wedding) CM clothing presents an opportunity to shape how I present myself to the world and wear clothing that makes me feel good about myself. Interestingly enough I stumbled across Styleforum a few years back when searching for clothing options that would actually fit my body shape - and I must say it's been a great journey thus far, even though I don't have a large wardrobe...
"An automatic message from our security system..." Really? I mean really??? Sif!
Evening Gents - after being engaged for the best part of 12 months, my lovely partner and I have finally settled on a wedding date, approximately 12 months hence. I'm planning on treating myself to a new outfit for the occasion (suit and shoes) and am hoping to get something which I will be able get use from post the wedding.   At this early stage I'm still looking for some inspiration in terms of colors and styles - I've done some hunting around on Pintrest and found...
So what's her name?
Definitely not satire... On the bright side if you wear them as underwear there's no need to worry about offending anyone. It can be (y)our little secret.
I get mine from tshirthell.com - unfortunately they're not plain white... or in Melbourne. But they are a great fitting tee.
Yes, have two suits from PJ. First was bought in 2011 and was perhaps slightly on the tighter side when I picked it up. I've since put a bit of weight on around the chest and shoulders and find it's too tight to comfortably wear with the button done up (there's lots of 'barring' across the back when the button is done up). The second suit was commissioned in early 2014 and has a much more natural fit - when getting measured up the test was to ensure you can button the...
RMW Craftsman boots (in black) by a long way. They're like wearing leather socks. Followed by Loake Pimlico chukka boots, then an old pair of sneakers, but no need to go there... .
True indeed. I put on 10 kg during uni (started first year tipping the scales (barely) at 54 kg), but in those 4 years never got much 'bigger' per se, just heavier and stronger. Worst part was getting crook with tonsilitis in 3rd year and losing 4 kg in 4 days - that was a lot of good work lost. Did make the girls jealous though!
Hope you get the results you want. I learned fairly early on I was never going to get big (well, not without ridiculous diets or some extra supplementation), so just kept my focus on strength to body weight when lifting.Never really changed size much (some small gains) but was happy doing sets of 10 chin ups with a 15 kilo plate hanging off my weight belt. Now I'm just happy to do 10 pull ups! Oh, and the reason for the comment is that you seem to have a similar build to...
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