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Stop being so edgy!
Any Adelaide peeps had a look in a shop called 'Beg Your Pardon' in Union St in the city?   I wandered past yesterday and there was a fair crowd in there, enough that I didn't bother wandering in for a butcher's hook. Looking online, it seems they do a form of MTM suiting.   I'll try and get an opportunity to have a look around in the next few weekends - it'd be great if there was a decent menswear shop in Adelaide providing a good service.
It's a weird thing this sort of psychology - I'll happily* pay $1.5k to $1.8k for a suit and I can see the value in the purchase, but can't get my head around spending more than $200 on a pair of odd trousers. I know there's no logic to it, but I can't shake it. *happily as I only seem to buy a suit every few years (no need to wear regularly) so whilst the cost per wear is high, the overall impost on budgets is minimal.
Perfect foot in the door for a political career!
As in everything I guess, everyone has there own situation. For me (not married, but planning a wedding) CM clothing presents an opportunity to shape how I present myself to the world and wear clothing that makes me feel good about myself. Interestingly enough I stumbled across Styleforum a few years back when searching for clothing options that would actually fit my body shape - and I must say it's been a great journey thus far, even though I don't have a large wardrobe...
"An automatic message from our security system..." Really? I mean really??? Sif!
Evening Gents - after being engaged for the best part of 12 months, my lovely partner and I have finally settled on a wedding date, approximately 12 months hence. I'm planning on treating myself to a new outfit for the occasion (suit and shoes) and am hoping to get something which I will be able get use from post the wedding.   At this early stage I'm still looking for some inspiration in terms of colors and styles - I've done some hunting around on Pintrest and found...
So what's her name?
Definitely not satire... On the bright side if you wear them as underwear there's no need to worry about offending anyone. It can be (y)our little secret.
I get mine from tshirthell.com - unfortunately they're not plain white... or in Melbourne. But they are a great fitting tee.
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