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No, far too lightweight to be a bouncer! Wworked for a company selling compressed air systems as a project engineer, so plenty of time spent in the workshop = steel capped boot requirements. I dare say the workforce there now would all be decked out in Hi-Viz given the way the world is going these days.
Ah, yes - that would certainly explain it. One of the young sales guys where I used to work started wearing one around that time and thought he was quite 'it and a bit'... Not that I can talk as I was wearing odd trousers and ill fitting shirts which were a hangover from the days I used to work in Myer. Oh, and steel capped brogues! Makes me cringe just thinking about it.
 Woah! What the deuce is going on there? That's one crazy closed suit! Definitely not a fan of the high button point, although I do recall seeing some SB suits with a high button point like this in the late nineties. I didn't think it was time for that trend to come around again... Actually with that pin chalkstripe, all that's really missing is the contrasting collar and cuffs!
You could give www.kalfin.com.au a try - small jewelery business in Collins St. Excellent service and high quality product.
In my defense, it's the business section...
Has anyone come across a decent leather blotter type arrangement in their travels? I'm looking for something to locate the laptop on which will look good in the loungeroom, sitting on a mahogany sideboard. It currently sits on an old folded up section of The Australian newspaper.   I've had a decent look on Google and there's not a lot apparent unfortunately. I thought that someone here might be able to chime in with something they've seen about the traps. There seems to...
Thanks JM. Picked up a pair yesterday with their 25% off sale. Damned happy about that.
Thanks for the tips gents - I shall get looking online to see what I can dig up. Both seem to be excellent options for what I am after.
Well we're well OT, but that's not out of the ordinary lately...I think however my point was missed. Only in as far as choosing to study the current trend in jobs (entering into a field at the height of a boom) is a bad idea... And that following an interest that may or may not be aligned with the current trends will likely yield a greater chance of career success.Happy to he corrected though as I have no evidence to back the above up...
Thanks for the post JM.I'm looking for canvas rather than leather sneakers, so the Adidas or Puma will probably suit. CP prices are rather scary... I looked at a few Lacoste numbers today, but rightly or wrongly they didn't have my size in a style I liked. I'm looking for something minimalist which I can wear in lieu of thongs (shock, horror!) with shorts and a polo and I like the idea of a canvas sneaker in a calico color (neutral enough to wear with shorts spanning...
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