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I'll second this as someone who has had the occasion to dump bagloads of clothes into Vinnies et al donation bins. It beats throwing perfectly good clothes into the bin, the 'not so good' ones can be turned into grease rags and sold and if someone goes to the op shop and can be bothered buying, cataloguing, listing online, dealing with low-ballers, and then posting clothes they buy cheap to turn a profit, then more power to them! My time is not worth that effort. Others...
What are the recommendations for getting a mechanical watch serviced these days? I presume the five years recommended by the producer is a 'best practice' situation? Do people follow this generally, or wait until it stops keeping time as well as it did when new? I have a Zenith chronograph which is ~5 years old and I'm not looking forward to getting that serviced. That said it might lose a minute a week at the minute, so it doesn't appear to be in need on one.
     I think I just had a coronary! WT-real-F???
I have 2 pairs of Craftsman boots - black with a leather sole and chestnut with the dynamic flex sole. I got the black ones years earlier than the chestnut and being so used to them, wearing the dynamic flex felt quite odd for a while. But I'm wearing them today and they're as comfortable as ever. Basically the leather soles have no cushioning in them, whereas the dynamic flex does.
Again already!?!?!?!? Cripes! Didn't they hike them from $350 to $500 about 12 months back? (Or am I getting forgetful in my old age?)
​I got myself some shaving gear - Merkur razor, a nice badger hair shaving brush and stand and 100 razor blades - figure this will set me up for quite a while! All through Amazon, but needed to be shipped to a mate in the States as there was no local delivery.
 From what I've read, if you could flash back to the late 20's and early 30's when mechanized farming was becoming a thing something like 90% of the US workforce was employed in farming and it was going to be the end of the worker. As it happens the new technology of the time created a demand that never existed previously - although these changes are never easy this is what we are now seeing with the current changes in the world economy (transfer of manufacturing and white...
​This... Although I don't agree with globalism screwing them over, given it's responsible for reducing poverty in both real and nominal terms. I'd put it down to government over-regulation which has screwed them over, hence the vote for the non-institutionalised candidate who's promised the 'drain the swamp' and expose all the apparent corruption going on.
​Not much recent experience with OPSM, but I can say of Specsavers that the lenses they use scratch very easily, and I mean very easily. Like when your trying to not scratch them and doing your darndest not to scratch them, they still somehow end up with scratches on them. Just saying...
Hi @ovlov - for Adelaide have a look at Beg Your Pardon in Union St in the East End. I bought some shirts from Michael there early this year. Good service and he does MTM suiting and knows his craft well. I can't comment on the suiting, but I reckon he's worth a visit to check out. Cheers
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