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RMW Craftsman boots (in black) by a long way. They're like wearing leather socks. Followed by Loake Pimlico chukka boots, then an old pair of sneakers, but no need to go there... .
True indeed. I put on 10 kg during uni (started first year tipping the scales (barely) at 54 kg), but in those 4 years never got much 'bigger' per se, just heavier and stronger. Worst part was getting crook with tonsilitis in 3rd year and losing 4 kg in 4 days - that was a lot of good work lost. Did make the girls jealous though!
Hope you get the results you want. I learned fairly early on I was never going to get big (well, not without ridiculous diets or some extra supplementation), so just kept my focus on strength to body weight when lifting.Never really changed size much (some small gains) but was happy doing sets of 10 chin ups with a 15 kilo plate hanging off my weight belt. Now I'm just happy to do 10 pull ups! Oh, and the reason for the comment is that you seem to have a similar build to...
No, far too lightweight to be a bouncer! Wworked for a company selling compressed air systems as a project engineer, so plenty of time spent in the workshop = steel capped boot requirements. I dare say the workforce there now would all be decked out in Hi-Viz given the way the world is going these days.
Ah, yes - that would certainly explain it. One of the young sales guys where I used to work started wearing one around that time and thought he was quite 'it and a bit'... Not that I can talk as I was wearing odd trousers and ill fitting shirts which were a hangover from the days I used to work in Myer. Oh, and steel capped brogues! Makes me cringe just thinking about it.
 Woah! What the deuce is going on there? That's one crazy closed suit! Definitely not a fan of the high button point, although I do recall seeing some SB suits with a high button point like this in the late nineties. I didn't think it was time for that trend to come around again... Actually with that pin chalkstripe, all that's really missing is the contrasting collar and cuffs!
You could give www.kalfin.com.au a try - small jewelery business in Collins St. Excellent service and high quality product.
In my defense, it's the business section...
Has anyone come across a decent leather blotter type arrangement in their travels? I'm looking for something to locate the laptop on which will look good in the loungeroom, sitting on a mahogany sideboard. It currently sits on an old folded up section of The Australian newspaper.   I've had a decent look on Google and there's not a lot apparent unfortunately. I thought that someone here might be able to chime in with something they've seen about the traps. There seems to...
Thanks JM. Picked up a pair yesterday with their 25% off sale. Damned happy about that.
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