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I'll add a +1 to this. Haven't bought either for a few years now (3 or so), but in addition to what others have pointed out about cuffs and collars, the TM Lewin fabrics are a little more solid (thicker perhaps) than the CT fabrics. CT are damned near see-through (which is OK if that's your thing), whereas the TM leave a little more to the imagination. Also, the TM fits are not quite as blousey as the CT shirts when comparing their OCBDs (which are wither S, M or L).
I've always had the theory the AUD will do one of three things: go up; go down; or stay where it is...  Can't get any simpler than that to base a purchasing decision on! I am after a pair of double monks in calf - just not sure whether to go for C&J or Carmina.
Yep - this place basically gives me my 'Neighours' or 'Home and Away' fix for the day! Classic, tragic soap opera
ParaR - not sure how long you're in HK for, but I went to the AC Peninsula store last year for a fitting. Was measured on the Saturday and selected the style, fabric, etc, a trial shirt was ready for fitting on the Monday, and all 3 shirts were delivered to my hotel room at the IC on Wednesday afternoon. Service was impeccable and they're happy to mail the final shirts to you if you can squeeze in the measuring and fitting in the time you're there. The shirts fit like a...
Went to a wedding in Melbourne on the weekend just gone. Had a blast Also got to road test the new suit. It's from P Johnson, in a light navy (or perhaps a dark blue) Ariston cloth (the number 105 comes to memory, but I'm not sure how these things work) in a 2 button SB design. The buttons a re a smoked MOP, and I think overall, the ensemble came together well with the white shirt and tie. I noticed quite a few guys with solid color ties there and it got me thinking that...
Pink socks for charity at hockey tonight! And as an added bonus the rain held off until after the game.
   Can't fault AC shirts - got three made up when I was in Honkers last year - fantastic fit and great fabrics. Must admit these are the first bespoke shirts I've tried and I reckon I've been well looked after! (But there's every chance I don't know any better - although the fit smashes both TML and CT shirts by a mile). In other news, we have an Irish/Rock playlist going on on Spotify and well, damn it's good... no, actually it's brilliant!
Picked up a new commission from P Johnson a month or so back. A light navy, or a dark mid-blue perhaps. Ariston cloth, single breast, 2 button, notch lapel, smoked MOP buttons and hand stitching on shoulders and lapel, side tabs and cuffs on the trousers. Very happy with the result - just need somewhere to wear it out and about now. Have to attend a wedding in early August, so that should cover it.
Figured that would be the case. I'm still amazed that Italian costs are (still) as low as they are. Back in the late ninetys or early naughties, I was talking to a sales rep from Balcombe Flanges (based in Melbourne) and (whilst totally unrelated to anything remotely sartorial) he told me that their company could buy finished flanges drilled to whatever flange pattern (ANSI, Table D, E, F, etc) from Italy (made pretty much by cottage industry over there) cheaper than they...
So do you reckon there's a possibility that we (the royal 'we' that is) could successfully produce and export woven cloth to not only local markets, but the world generally? I'd imagine dyeing and weaaving (is that even the word in these technological times) machinery comes with a large initial capital investment, and perhaps a low ongoing labour cost if current automation trends in other manufacturing industries are anything to go by (looking at European manufacturers...
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