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no, my habit is what i want to know thanks 
thanks a lot!
sorry which store is mh? thank you
2 more pictures of the boots I received  
  i think Morgan is the one who handle the shipping of the boots, his email is morgan@workboot.com   when i sent email to them, they usually reply within the same day.
  here is the one i bought from last sample sale. thanks! superb quality
Received my boots from the last sample sale!  
Not yet, which pair did u get?
Morgan replied that they leaving for new york today and wont be able to ship it out until late next week.
oh then may be i should expecting the shoes will be here anyday now.   i am located in vancouver. usually it only takes 1 - 2 business day after they shipped it out   cant wait to receive my pairs   my first pair of high price high quality boots!
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