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2 more pictures of the boots I received  
  i think Morgan is the one who handle the shipping of the boots, his email is morgan@workboot.com   when i sent email to them, they usually reply within the same day.
  here is the one i bought from last sample sale. thanks! superb quality
Received my boots from the last sample sale!  
Not yet, which pair did u get?
Morgan replied that they leaving for new york today and wont be able to ship it out until late next week.
oh then may be i should expecting the shoes will be here anyday now.   i am located in vancouver. usually it only takes 1 - 2 business day after they shipped it out   cant wait to receive my pairs   my first pair of high price high quality boots!
wondering usually when do they start shipping the shoes out after the sample sale ended?   thanks
Yea! Just paid for my order! Cant wait to wear it! 108. Service Boot, Black Oil Tan, Straight Toe Cap, 5 Eyelets, Vibram 269 Sole/Cat’s Paw Heel, 2030 Last, No Box Toe
Anyone know what happen to the moto leather jacket for fw 12? Are they not going to release them?
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