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It's because he already had false teeth due to a really bad car accident a few years ago, so he just decided to replace his normal false teeth with diamonds. He didn't have any teeth pulled to have this done. Btw he lost his teeth in the same car accident that caused him to have his mouth sewn shut for a period of time (due to a broken jaw), and what also inspired the song "Through the wire" on his first CD.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese what do you know, these got overnighted just in time for my birthday Whens your birthday? I ask as mine is tomorrow (the 20th). Also I vote #2 for gdl's Raf's. Though I still think Kelvin's should have won.
Ended @ $155 with only 2 bids. I hope someone here was able to get them. Quote: Originally Posted by onion MMM leather mids size 44 currently at $150 with less than 2 days left
Quote: Originally Posted by Anamoly Stopped in jcrew on 5th avenue yesterday and saw not only Alden boots and spring court shoes but a barracuda harrington type jacket. wtf? Now i hear they’ll be teaming up with fjallraven. These are quality brands i have done the leg work to find. There is certain sense of ownership in the fact that not everyone knows these brands. Now any schmuck off the street just walks into a jcrew has these great brands at his...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I can't believe they did not get jail time. Also, that is one old looking 25 year old chic. Personally, I'm glad the judge decided not to jail these people... It leaves more room for all those horrible, horrible non-violent drug addicts. That's who we really need to be locking up.
Quote: Originally Posted by ItsInMyJeans Here is a thought: If everyone around you always told you they hated what you wear and they thought your style was wierd, would you change what you were wearing? I'll paypal you $10 to stop posting on Styleforum. (0)
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese http://cgi.ebay.com/Balenciaga-Navy-...#ht_500wt_1156 Ending in 5 hours with still no bids, currently at $126. Someone better buy these.
MMM leather mids size 44 currently at $150 with less than 2 days left
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't already on the case. They are: Jennifer Petkov Feels The Wrath Of The Internet, Apologizes
Quote: Originally Posted by thats.mana ^^America's butthole indeed. I'm enjoying MOH, it's different, alot less camping. There's so much shit going on that running and gunning is rewarding. Sniping is alrite but you need to level up to get the better long range scope. Hardcore is ridicolous 12vs12. Game type changes every map. I haven't played the other multi-games yet. My friend was over and he played the story for a bit, it was enough but who cares...
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