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Coke nails are so fucking gross. Snorting powder out of your finger nail is just disgusting. It does not make you a baller. A solid 24k gold, or maybe sterling silver bullet/snuff box, now that's baller.
Quote: Originally Posted by TACO_FLAVORED_KISSES Should a denim shirt ever be tucked in? I would say leave it untucked for the average joe. It can looked good tucked in, but it is quite rare.
Everyone needs a pair of glasses from the 70's. That's when design for glasses was at it's absolute pinnacle. So many awesome pairs from that era.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol reserves are retarded +one trillion
4 (GDL's Raf), 2 (Fujiwara), 1 (MMM). Though I think Kelvin's Rafs should have won. How the hell did those not make it past round 1? Also if the MMM highs were white they would get my vote for #1. Black, not so much. Only saving detail for me is the texture of the leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by cr1234 Just ordered this since I've been needing a duffel bag for a while. Thoughts? Somewhat small and simple, but it looks good. Plus, you got that for a really good price as well. I'd be happy with it (if it matched my wardrobe at least).
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Let's re-calibrate. She's on the left in the first pic and she did not actually submit this to a class. It was a joke she shared with three friends. And if she didn't think there was a very very high chance of this getting spread around then she should have her degree revoked for being so dumb. Also I wouldn't say she's ugly per se, she does has a "decent" body, but her face is like a 4 or 5, tops. I know...
Though I'm actually reading the revised edition published earlier this year (which has a different cover).
Well I can't say I remember a single fit from e0d9n0b5 (then again I never look at this thread), but the one on the page before this is dope. I really like the Fujiwara sneaks.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum isnt wyclef running for president of haiti or something No.
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