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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol holy shit those guccis are ugly and the yellow MMM I think those are lime. In fact, thinking about it, I am pretty sure MMM has never made low GATs in yellow, only highs.
At MSRP, I could go shirtless and I still couldn't get in under $300. I don't have any pants or shoes that have a retail of less than $150, so any combo I put together is going to be over.
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos Let's face it - the people buying counterfeit bags are in all likelihood not able to afford the real thing anyway, and are probably not the people the 'luxury' companies have in mind when they put out their fancy ads anyhow. Do they really think that if Mary Smith from Hicksville doesn't purchase that fake LV bag via eBay she would head over to a LV store for the real thing? Come on. When you really think about...
This thread already exists:
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense ^ Tell me how the dvd is, was considering putting it in the netflix queue. It's pretty good, could be more in depth imo, but definitely worth watching. Fyi you can get it from Amazon for under $10 with shipping.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 Probably because believe it or not, designers don't have an endless supply of samples/ leftover stock. They can only do so many sales of "good brands" before there isn't any discountable merchandise left. Plus they have to share this merchandise with other discount retailer/sites. I understand, however this doesn't mean I have to like it when they do this. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by dtronic agreed. gilt actually use to have a lot of sales that I liked and I would cop on almost on a weekly basis. in the past 6 months I havent bought anything from gilt and the sales/ designers they have now are weak and they seem to have the same stuff over and over again. Exactly. I went from buying on there very regularly to almost never. When they used to have really good sales 99% of the time I would...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Fuck Yeah Menswear has to be Sq.... No way. The amount of fails on SF trying to be funny make me think there is no way he is involved. Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot I'm like 98% sure it's naaaaate. Kanye riding off on a bedazzled Segway, never to be heard from again. I could believe that.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Tell them to stop selling junk. This. Overwhelmingly this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jarandas A priest. Dark suit, black shirt and a piece of white cardboard, probably the laziest costume ever. If I added a hat and a suitcase I could be the exorcist. Do what I did with this costume, attach a 3 foot tall dummy to the front of your outfit so it looks like he's blowing you. (I used a black string tied around his neck that went around my hips. Pretty much invisible.) Won a costume contest with this.
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