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Quote: Originally Posted by oneeightyseven I know a cool glitch/cheat for zombies in the pentagon! Are you talking about where you can stand like 10 feet above the zombies, and none of them can hit you, but you can still shoot them? Also, just a heads up to everyone, there is a new zombies map with the map pack release (on Feb 1).
Quote: Originally Posted by Slopho I played Zomies today with by far the greatest zombies player ever! These two kids left about half way through and he walked me through what you need to do to survive in that game. I still need to work on some achievements though. I once got to level 18 with 3 other people on Xbox live, and the guy who died last (and thus ended the game) never went down the entire game until the end. Best player I ever...
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Okay, who made this? http://fuckyeahstyleforum.tumblr.com/ This is roughly 1/1000ths as funny as fuckyeahmenswear. Do not want.
Didn't one of the women go out and get food the next morning, and then proceed to make him breakfast, which they then ate together? That hardly sounds like what a person who was raped would do....
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Time to go buy up some more NDG1 frames. Fuck yeah. I love my NdG glasses. Best thing NdG ever released.
Cyber monday is fucking retarded (unless you want to buy books or electronics). Not a single web site I shop at has any type of bonus sale at all. Quite happy I made a couple of big purchases last week, and didn't wait til today.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostFullBenefits I would hold off if I were you. $500 isn't a great price for hickey, and Gilt isn't a great retailer. If you specifically want hickey, places like Saks Off 5th (at least the one at potomac mills) regularly has them at that price, and their post-holiday (maybe even their current) sale prices will likely be lower. Plus, you have the added advantage of seeing how it looks on you ahead of time. Not...
Tom Brady....
Saw this in the Dumb Pics Thread, and thought it deserved being reposted here. Quote: Originally Posted by -Norton-
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I do it for the ladies... Curious what boots you are wearing in that pic.... Vass?
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