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Interesting article. Thanks for posting it.
omg so want. Quote: Originally Posted by Simontuntelder These are the boots, I were refering too. Junya: http://www.tresbienshop.net/en/art/t...ug-grain-1.php Custom (through the shoehealer): http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/1315/trickersnonplaceo.th.jpg
Check out these bespoke Lattanzi's.
I bet they are going to try and sell them on the street, no one will believe they are real, and will probably make like $500 total.
Quote: Originally Posted by clarksdb I know what it is. I'm asking why cant we ADD a women's section if there are a few women posting women's fashion here? Because no one other than you wants a sub-section for women, I think would be the main reason.
This is pretty dope. NON S/S 11 http://www.the-non.com/
Rach, are you familiar with Rahnsater's bags? Curious how quality and pricing is, if you have seen them. The have a lot of dope bags, but their site is flash, so I can't link it. You can view them here though: http://www.rahnsater.com/main.htm Here's one of their bags, that looks to be expandable.
Quote: Originally Posted by syntonic http://stevewillard.com/2030_concrete_heather_l_z.jpg Is he wearing a jacket under it, or is that a liner?
My friend and I once drank one of the most expensive bottles of scotch on the planet by accident when raiding his dad's liquor cabinet in high school. We both thought it tasted like absolute shit, far worse than anything we had drank that night. We found out the next day when trying to replace it retail was like $5 - $6k for a 5th, 8 or 9 year, IF you could even find a bottle. (We also drank another bottle of liquor that night that was valued at around $1k, his dad never...
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