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I secretly hoped for an epic battle between forces of good and evil that will go into 4-5 overtimes.
wjk, yay or nay?
Well, it is definitely not a dedicated solution, but in case of restocking for example when you have a product page already available, this should work http://www.changedetection.com/
I guess he did not take geometry classes seriously 
Some cheap Veilance and other stuff http://www.pepperstores.com/mens/collections/arcteryx-veilance
Nonnative now on sale on Coverchord, some EG as well
  For Amex users, there is this offer floating around, check your SYNC offers
TBS: FW14-20-FC95Y
Brazucas have no heart
What has a playing time to do with anything? Don't you think Parker played more challenging minutes in general than Mills? Parker was also injured most of the season and played despite of it.  He was nominated MVP of FIBA EuroBasket 2013, so much for your special Spurs system argument. 
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