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Like who, Parsons? He is injury-prone and did not play so well for Dallas
Conley deal is worth it only if Grizzlies will become contenders. I do not think they can compete with top dogs, so I would have tried to sign 4-5 young guys with potential upside instead. Now almost all of the crazy money is thrown around by mediocre teams, I guess all the top teams are waiting for Durant to make up his mind before making their moves. 
Lakers are being Lakers. Timofey Mozgov have agreed to four-year, $64 million deal.
Somehow Lue has also outcoached Kerr, unbelievable. Well deserved title for Cavs 
A very interesting background on what happened during Croatia latest game at Euro https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/4omrzm/an_explanation_to_rsoccer_about_why_did_croatian/
Curry was aiming his throw at the fans, it was not some accidental hit. I think it is more serious offence that the one called on Green and warrants the suspension. Refereeing was not up to NBA level though in many play-off games. I still hope Warriors will take care of business in the Game 7. 
Lue is obviously afraid that idfnl will ridicule him publicly on the interwebs and call Love an expensive albatross
Lebron played 46 minutes, it is understable if he does not want to bang too hard in the post. Cavs have no bench and for some reason did not play as hard on defence as in game 3. No team can win against Warriors if they allow 17 3pointers to go in. I am sure with Blatt at the helm they could have countered Warriors offense better, still Warriors this year are just too damn powerful. 
Maybe Lebron and Durant should trade places. It may improve chances of either team to strike gold. 
Ok then. 
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