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TBS: FW14-20-FC95Y
Brazucas have no heart
What has a playing time to do with anything? Don't you think Parker played more challenging minutes in general than Mills? Parker was also injured most of the season and played despite of it.  He was nominated MVP of FIBA EuroBasket 2013, so much for your special Spurs system argument. 
Robben has flopped several times during the game, but penalty was given for the real infarction   I think floppers should be banned for several games after the game is over. Too much flopping, even from the European teams. Half of the penalties and red cards have been given unjustly 
It was a red card no matter how lightly the studs touched the leg.
LBJ should join Spurs, it will guarantee at least a couple more rings for him. With all the endorsement money he should not much care how much club pays him, being the champion is more important. Plus this would be such a good act of trolling. Anyways, if you cannot beat them, join them, as the saying goes.    
This would not have happened if they were North Koreans. Good game Algeria!
I really hope noone will retire yet from Spurs and Mills and Diaw will stay. Bonner must go though. Daye is so cheap he can stay, maybe they will be able to make out of him a rotational player. Big respect to LBJ though, he was probably the only one who tried until the end, Bosh was solid too.
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