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Thank you sir!
Some great feedback here guys, thanks! Going to pull the trigger on the Firenze; any opinions on lining color? Thanks everyone!
Just received my strap today! Fantastic! Looks better in person! Thanks again!
Over the past (3) years my whole wardrobe has gone mostly Epaulet, but the Steel Mist Shetland Tweed from the Quick 'n Dirty Factory Finds could be my favorite piece of Epaulet clothing I have ever purchased. The color is breathtaking. 
I just cleared out my entire schedule including a working lunch with my staff until 2 PM EST just to be safe. Thanks Epaulet to contributing to poor GPM this month! 
Where does Super 120's Worsted Prunelle fall on the dressy/casual range? Could I also get the same input on the Moleskins? Looking for a dressier pair of pants........although, as is usual with Epaulet, I will probably end up with both. Thanks guys!
Thanks again guys. Best part was listening to the AMEX rep try and pronounce the name! Order went through!
Thanks! I will call AMEX tomorrow! Thanks again! SF to the rescue!
Anyone ever have a problem paying on the site? I tried to buy my first pair of shoes from Skoaktiebolaget and it gave me "an error from gateway" when trying to pay from both my AMEX card and PayPal. Dropped them an e-mail, but thought I'd check here. Thanks in advance!
Rob was kind enough to allow me to purchase a pre-release for an interview next week. Just received it today and I have to say it will be time to start changing out my ties to Yellow Hook. My first but most definitely not my last! All the best Rob and thanks again for throwing in the good luck for no extra charge!  
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