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Went back today, got 4 ties total. Still awesome stuff so if you are in the tri-state area, I implore you to see yourself there.
One more notice, I'm willing to proxy for anyone. I'm going to go early afternoon, so please send me a notice tonight if you're interested. I'll do it for all costs (shipping, taxes, and paypal fee) +10%. Let me know if I can help anyone out.
  Both scarves and sweaters, really good looking stuff.
I just got back also after only getting two ties. Sc's are actually 295, not 275. Still a great deal. I'd be willing to proxy for a 10 percent markup after taxes and shipping. I think that's reasonable. Also a good selection of crew neck sweaters (mostly fair isles)
I was at Tretorn in Soho today because I've been wanting a pair of nylites for a while. 30% off the entire store. Also no tax. According to the lady who helped me, a new law passed which states that there is no sales tax on purchases in NYS on items less than $100. Anyone else familiar with this?
Yea it is the 80091 instead of the 10085. Looks identical to the picture she sent me of the latter which she had available in a different size. The pic below is what I got from Betty describing the shoe.
   No, i just emailed Betty telling her what I wanted and asked for a picture. They have a lot more in stock aside from what they offer on the webstore.        I had to email her a few times to get any response. I knew what I wanted and dropped hints that I was a serious buyer and not a time waster. The total process took about 3 weeks from when I first contacted her until when I got it, but I couldn't be more pleased.
    Then what did you wear on your other foot?
My first ever Carmina in the Simpson last
Halfway through spring cleaning and I'm ready to get some of these ties to some more grateful owners. All were purchased by me except the one black vintage tie (unlabeled) that I bought from a Vintage store in Kobe, Japan. See descriptions below. 25$ for each tie (I'll pay shipping to CUSA) except the Paul Smith, which is 35$. Paypal or personal check/cash accepted.   1) Michael Kors- Red Tie. 3.5 inches X 1-61 inches. 100% silk Made in USA.   2) Tommy...
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