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 Yep! I contacted Alden and they arranged a UPS pickup for my shoes here in Norway. They will be sent to the factory! 
 I just sent them an email, and reffered to the last time it happened and attached a couple of pictures. The last time I had the same problem with my other pair I took them to my local cobbler(he's and Alden dealer and regarded as the best in Norway) he wouldn't do it(it would cost me too much) and said I would be best off sending them to Alden. He said this type of defect should happen, as well!
 Thanks for the answer! Not what I wanted to hear though:(. It's the same thing that happened last time(got a new pair). I'll send them an email!
Hi guys, I need some help. I just noticed the sole coming loose on my 403's. I've had problems with my 403's before and got a new pair from Alden i May 2012. I've worn them regularly since them. I take good care of them and use shoe trees, brush them at least 3 times a month!   Here's some pics:     Is it just time to swap soles are should I contact Alden?   Cheers guys!
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  The same excact thing happened to my pair of 403's! I sent them back to Alden SF(where I bought them), and got a new pair right away!
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