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My job has turned into doing a lot of sentiment analysis of social media postings. It's a lot of cluster analysis (k-means) and information retrieval. At the end of  the day, I feel that sentiment analysis of social media data is bullshit, or at least unnecessarily hyped, so I'm not sold on any of it. 
 - Every professional job I've had (only two), the initial month has involved me feeling like I don't known anything. So is it really just 'new job jitters' or do you reallyfeel that there are deficiencies in your understanding of how to examine and analyze data.  - A BI department that requires knowledge of R, that seems odd. BI is much more about reporting and so BI tools like Tableau should be more important. R has a set great visualization tools, but I'd choose Tableau...
  If you looked at the last page, you'd see that someone stated that the SSENSE sale usually starts in late May.
I have a lightly used lambskin leather jacket from Silent Damir Doma for sale. It was purchased six or seven months ago but I've only worn it two times and doesn't completely fit within my wardrobe. The jacket retailed for 1200 and I purchased it at 60% off. I'm asking for $280 shipped.   ** There is a slight mark on the right hand sleeve from when I bumped into a door 'latch.' It should be nothing but looks like the leather has slight tear but that should be fixable....
 x2 Ended up getting about 10 supima tees (ls and ss) for the summer. They're so light that I may just use them as undershirts when winter comes around.
 Code is valid until Monday, May 19 at midnight EST
Their amino acid shampoo and hand salve are nice also.
 Check out COS thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/271231/lets-discuss-cos-collection-of-style  Quality is good on the items that I've bought (pants, jacket, and track pants). Sizing is apparentlyinconsistent on shirts.
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