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Some important background: a. I have a physical disability where I walk with a limp and my lower body stability/strength isn't "normal".   I recently got a Sacai bomber where the body was in cotton and the sleeves were made of nylon I had to go for a doctors appointment this morning so I decided to wear it for the first time and walked the three miles to the office. On my way back, I tripped and fell on the concrete sidewalk, which left some small scrapes on the left...
 Fairly warm, it was my go to winter jacket here in Minnesota and we had plenty of days with lows in the 0 to -10 F range this past winter. Of course, at those temperatures, you're wearing plenty of layers also, so bear that in mind. 
Totokaelo sale is going on.   http://man.totokaelo.com/sale     Finally got around to nabbing a pair of Acne chinos as my COS and W+H got destroyed this past winter from salt stains.
 I bought a pair last year and they were my go to summer pants, they work great 'rolled up'/cropped...sold them when I moved to MN. Oh well, I'll get a pair next summer.
didn't work for me either (silent tari tee)....oh well, shipping from france to minneapolis is 29 euros, yikes.
 There are some M.Howell cotton-linen knits for 50% off that are nice, but otherwise it's uneventful. 
 Yes, but it's usually at the end of the season. Sign up for the JS newsletter and there'll send you an email when it begins.
  SSENSE is up to 50% now.    
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