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^ Most people need to size down one.   Back on SF and reopening this classified. 
Part of me loves these shoes while the other half of me thinks they are ugly.  
SF sub-forum for auto related topics (among other things):  http://www.styleforum.net/f/14/fine-living-home-design-auto
I got this recently, my first leather jacket. It's a Silent Damir Doma jacket in lambskin leather.    
 Yeah, being 5"4 that coat length will come to below my knees so I'll probably need to get it hemmed.
Not sure I can pull it off but gonna give it a try.  
  You can find her contact into on the PW website and can order directly from her. Random PW forum three: http://care-tags.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17&start=30
Up to 30% off at Suspension Point. Peir Wu and Schneider available in smaller sizes. 
Anyone have suggestions on how to style a cropped cardigan?I got the Koma cropped cardigan from Silent Damir Doma and am struggling with how to wear it. At 5"4, this thing isn't really 'cropped' on me and comes to around my belt loop. I've searched sf, sufu, tumblr, etc and am finding nothing in terms of mens cropped cardigans.  At the very least, I'm thinking that I could wear it unbuttoned under a jacket on cold days as a layering piece to stay warm. I'm ultimately...
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