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Up to 30% off at Suspension Point. Peir Wu and Schneider available in smaller sizes. 
Anyone have suggestions on how to style a cropped cardigan?I got the Koma cropped cardigan from Silent Damir Doma and am struggling with how to wear it. At 5"4, this thing isn't really 'cropped' on me and comes to around my belt loop. I've searched sf, sufu, tumblr, etc and am finding nothing in terms of mens cropped cardigans.  At the very least, I'm thinking that I could wear it unbuttoned under a jacket on cold days as a layering piece to stay warm. I'm ultimately...
 lol, yes. under Uniqlo jeans usually.
Been wearing my Uniqlo heatech long johns for about two months and have mixed feelings about them. They feel nice and have held up but they are not suited for wearing in cold weather. I assumed they'd be like a thermal/long john/basic layer type mix and would be good for wearing on cold days (< 20F) to keep warn but they suck in that department. Had to order some proper midweight thermals this morning and have them overnight shipped to me given that tomorrows low temp is...
Odin NY winter sale is on 
 I'd suggest getting a 41.5 (8.5 US). I wear a 40 in CP's and 41 in MMM, and the general rule seems to be that you should size down 0.5 with Katahdins.
 Nope, haven't received anything via their mailing list that would suggest a black friday sale.
 I think he's referring to the fact that users on SuFu really like the brand Supreme. It seems that every other fit pic on that forum has some article of clothing from Supreme. No one seems to care for that brand here (Styleforum) though. 
@ Maas & Stacks       Oh, and if anyone knows of places selling paint splattered gats in 41, please let me know. Should've pulled the trigger when I had the chance earlier today.
 Code: BLACK13 for 25% off  They emailed the code out yesterday. Think it's been mentioned already here.  Works only on sale items
New Posts  All Forums: