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Short people (< 5"6) who have the memory coat, how is the length and fit? I'd love to give it a shot, but am a little worried about the length. Also, is the consensus to size down from ones normal jacket size for the conversation coat? I normally wear a 3 in SS cardigans and 4 in jumpers/pants/jackets, but have no experience with SS coats
 There was an update on the SP thread stating that they'd have  it up in two or three days.
What is the length on those long coats? I'm very short (5"4) and a 38 length would come to just about my knees.
pics finally added.
I have a brand new JJVE long cardigan for sale. It's a small and a beautiful grey color. Unfortunately, it's a little too big for me. Will add pics later.   Am open to trading for the same piece in XS, wool pants, or Schneider pieces in 4 (S).   Product description taken from another classified for a Medium size.   Natural grey yak blended with a black contrasting linen yarn 54% yak wool / 46% linen On-seam pockets Heavy knit, weighs about 5 lbs. Made in...
For those with the Lichen pants, do you normally size down? A 46 seems to be a 32 waist, and given that I'm a ~29, I'm thinking of sizing down one. I'm just not sure about the thigh measurement and weather it's be too tight.
As I near my 30th birthday, I'm starting to get the sense that my career hasn't turned out well. I have skills, but no accomplishments which I can point to and proclaim as a great success. And my friends/family, they're all doing much better than me and making huge salaries. How do I get back on track and make my 30's a success? I'd love to hear your stories of how you overcame setbacks in your career.
So I quit my job about 2.5 months ago and have since had eight job offers for everything from data scientist to business analyst roles. Job market is insane right now. Of course, I turned down all eight of them and am holding out for something at a tech start-up or ad-tech company in the midwest. Being picky, but after my last employer, I almost have to be.
  IV was around 32.5 for the one I got. Can't speak to other schneider pants since I only have one other piece but it has a partial elastic waist
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