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Am moving on Monday and trying to get rid of stuff, so dropping price. Get now or I'm giving to friend as a gift.
  IV was around 32.5 for the one I got. Can't speak to other schneider pants since I only have one other piece but it has a partial elastic waist
 They're almost identical to the burhead in both material and fit. Dropped it off at tailor this morning to hem and take in waist, but fits perfectly otherwise.
 It was the wool version...70% wool, 3% cashmere, and something else.
 I purchased the last 4 at NMWA...impulse buy. I'm just trying to figure out if what to expect.
Anyone have experience with the Buckhorn trousers (wool)? Size/Fit? Other comments?
final drop
I have a brand new pair of nonnative Postman pants for sale in size 1 (32). Comes with tags. Great pants but I sized incorrectly and so they're yours for $120, which is less than what I paid for them (200). Open to trades also for a size 0 (30).
  I'd get this in black. Am leaning towards a "NO!" mainly because I want a wool jacket and this is 65% wool, 22% Polyester, 9% Nylon and 4% acrylic.
How do you handle communicating complex statistical ideas to people? And how does one get better at it?   I was recently criticized for this after a presentation where I talked about testing for causality and counterfactual analysis without properly describing what that was in very plain terms. Basically, I was told I should try to explain this in such a way that a 5 yr old would understand.
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