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 I haven't read too much about jacket errors on here recently...care to mention some of them. That would suck if someone waited a year and got a 'defective' jacket.
Got a confirmation also....order for wool ma-1 from october 2013.   Anyone know what method/carrier they use to ship? that determines whether I have them sent it to my work or home address.
  Here's a better pic of the pants: 
Thoughts? Just a pair of 'oversized' wool trousers with a drawstring waist. Inseam is about 29". Pic taken from random blog.  
 I'll give it a shot and that might make it manageable. I'm 5"4 so it'll still be long without getting them hemmed but maybe that'll work.
Any Latex users on here? How do you share your longer 'reports' or analysis? I'm not a hardcore latex user, just dabble here and there for 'longer' reports and stuff that isn't high priority.   Feel free to share your Latex preamble...here's my go to for most...
 Noticed you mentioned that in the Schneider thread, might give it a shot. Unfortunately, I moved to a new city and need to find a good tailor.
Really great pair of casual pants from Stephan Schneider's A/W 2014 collection. Received these pants last week and the tags were removed, but I have not worn them as it's still warm outside. Unfortunately, these pants are little long on me, so I'm posting them here. Asking price is $400 shipped.   Description from Suspension Point:   Stephan Schneider casual trousers with knit ankle detailing.   - These trousers feature a waistband with elasticized sides for a...
Might be a dumb question, but what are your thoughts on cuffing trousers with center pleats. I got these Folk tailored pants recently and was thinking of whether to get them hemmed or just cuff them. I saw the following pic and I'm intrigued by rolling up the pants but I just wanted to hear others' thoughts. Given that they have a center pleat, I was cautious that cuffing them would contrast with the style of trouser. Pants are 100% cotton.      
New Posts  All Forums: