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One thing I always "struggle" with is nonlinear regression in which the response variable is continuous. I have a rough process in place which I go through, but I'm always looking for better ways. In general, my 'philosophy' is to avoid relying on manual parameter transformations, so I end up using generalized additive models and/or smoothing techniques like splines. Usually, I use a general linear model as a baseline, then test out several generalized linear models,...
Not sure how many of you were or are into garage punk and/or hc punk, but I've been rediscovering some of the bands I used to listen to back in Jr High...Maximum Rock n Roll zine anyone? Terminal Boredom? I'm going back to my parents house for Thanksgiving and can't wait to dig through all my old 7"s and LP's that I haven't yet sold off.   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
I have a Patrik Ervell technical knit cardigan from S/S 2014 for sale. It was purchased many months ago but hasn't gotten much wear (worn once) so I'm getting rid of it. The cardigan is in dark navy and is a size small. I'm asking for $160 shipped.   It fits TTS around shoulders, length, etc...but the body is quite slim. I'm not super skinny (maybe 5 to 10 pounds overweight), but it fits a little tight around the stomach area when buttoned up.   approximations taken...
This is more of a "should I or shouldn't I keep". I purchased a Robert Geller Zipper Blazer from A/W 2014. It's a nice piece and fits well. However, it was an impulse buy and I never wear blazers, so I'm not sure whether to keep. Another reason that I'm considering selling is because I don't normally wear boots, derbies, or dress shoes and this probably wouldn't work with sneakers, which is what I normally wear. I don't wear boots/derbies/etc often due to a neurological...
Got the Wool MA1 today...it's a little snug when zipped up but TTS was the way to go. Was worth the wait.    
 a. Trackpants make me think nylon-ish materials, so I'd say it's more trouser pants. It's long (length wise) and I've been wearing them with the elastic part tucked in under the pant.b. Wore them to work today (38 F this morning and high of 45 F) and it kept me fairly warm. c. No
^ Wow, thanks for sharing. Out of curiosity, do most people who use SAS perform tasks using the SAS syntax or do they use the point and click variation. I have a copy of SAS enterprise on my work computer but I've never really bothered to look into it.
Can't speak to the specifics of Python+MongoDB+server as I'm a statistician and not a CS person, but in my interactions w/ data engineers, I've rarely heard good things about MongoDB. In fact, we had a junior developer at my old employer who quit in part because of a high degree of frustration related to MongoDB, or so that was what he told me.     Since there seem to be so many CS people on here, I may as well as about your workflow and how you structure...
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