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One more link on the statistician job market that may be of interest: http://matloff.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/statistics-losing-ground-to-cs-losing-image-among-students/   The author is referring to academic research, but the same could be said about data scientists and statisticians in the private sector. So many of these CS folks think that just because they understand logic, programming, big data technologies, and basic mathematical stats, they can be solid applied...
Was going through the top voted questions on stackexchange (my go to resource) and thought that a few of you may find the following links interesting....happy reading I've also been obsessed with quantile regression recently.   Making Sense of PCA... http://stats.stackexchange.com/questions/2691/making-sense-of-principal-component-analysis-eigenvectors-eigenvalues   What are common statistical...
Schneider up on Suspension Point...still not sold on the POA cardigan which I had pre-ordered and will get in early Sept. I'm more excited to see how the BUR trousers are, which I guess will be part of the second or third shipment.
Anyone have suggestions for an alternative to the TOJ wool ma1? Something really warm for MN winters and is a bomber/ma-1.   I placed my order 45 weeks and ago and don't mind the wait, but I was hoping to have a nice, warm bomber or ma-1 jacket for winter and that's probably not going to happen any time soon. If I can find something good that's sub-$700, my spot will be up for sale.
For statisticians, analysts, programmers, or data scientists on here, I was wondering how you handle unit testing and exception handling when writing scripts to automate a task. For example, I frequently have to take a csv file from Google Analytics, summarize that data (average), and put that value in a "main dataset." Typically, I just do this manually or write some sql code to access the data (data is sucked in using api and stored in our database)...but in both cases,...
^ Hey zissou, you need to bring back your 'leather goods store' btw. The wallet I purchased from you in 09/2012 is still going strong but I want a different color.
 How is the length? short like most schneider jumpers or similar to the bee cardigan from last a/w
I have a brand new pair of W+H Westpoint Chinos in size 31 for sale. I purchased them new several months ago and have never worn them as they're too big for me. I'm asking for $110 shipped.   Open to trades also 
 Did most people size up one on the wool MA-1's? I had emailed charlie (?) when I ordered 10 months ago and he suggested going with whatever size one normally wears in jackets.
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