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 a. Trackpants make me think nylon-ish materials, so I'd say it's more trouser pants. It's long (length wise) and I've been wearing them with the elastic part tucked in under the pant.b. Wore them to work today (38 F this morning and high of 45 F) and it kept me fairly warm. c. No
^ Wow, thanks for sharing. Out of curiosity, do most people who use SAS perform tasks using the SAS syntax or do they use the point and click variation. I have a copy of SAS enterprise on my work computer but I've never really bothered to look into it.
Can't speak to the specifics of Python+MongoDB+server as I'm a statistician and not a CS person, but in my interactions w/ data engineers, I've rarely heard good things about MongoDB. In fact, we had a junior developer at my old employer who quit in part because of a high degree of frustration related to MongoDB, or so that was what he told me.     Since there seem to be so many CS people on here, I may as well as about your workflow and how you structure...
 With OK-Ni, I think you need to contact them to get the vat reduced. Never assume that they'll just do it if it's not explicitly clear during the checkout process.
If anyone wants to sell their daypack spot, I'm interested. pm me
Tableau is pretty sweet. Fairly easy to learn, offers users a lot of control, produces "pretty" graphics, and it can be interfaced with SQL and R. Plus, it can do some basic univariate forecasting using the exponential smoothing method. For exploratory analysis and data visualization, Tableau is a pretty good tool. And Tableau Reader makes it easy to share insights with non-technical audiences, and removes the need to have an engineering team build our a real time data...
Anyone know what the job market is like for data scientists in CA? (SF, bay area, palo alto, LA, SD, etc)   I'm curious about other opportunities as I'm struggling in my current role due to a lack of data. So few things that I need are being tracked and it's taking them months to implement the tech changes I've requested. Am certain that a tech company will have a better grasp of data and plenty of it store in-house. Given that a lot of 'data' oriented jobs are hot right...
  No, the brand is S.N.S Herning and they produce a cardigan called the Stark, among others (Fisherman, Flux, etc).
^ I'm often writing reports without too many equations, so I end up using one or two Latex (and beamer) "templates" that I reuse for each new document/presentation. Has worked out well for me, but I know no one else on my team uses Latex. Of course, no one really knows what I do at work so they just tolerate all the 'harder' ways in which I do things. If I interacted more with non-data people, I'd use Word as it'd simplify collaboration and communication across...
 I've updated the ad with measurements.
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