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I've been digging Saucony shoes recently. I also nabbed a Marni sweater (70% wool and 30% cashmere) from Yoox.  
 The transition from academic to private sector isn't as "big" as you think. In the end, you'll be very glad that you got out of the ivory tower. There are tons of SQL tutorials out there. Most corporations use either Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL, but learn about relational databases and database theory before you dig in. The big thing is...
 Some guy posted fit pics in the following COS thread a couple months ago. http://www.styleforum.net/t/271231/lets-discuss-cos-collection-of-style/795  [[SPOILER]]  I can probably snap a couple pics tomorrow but ^^ are available for now.
 I have the tech jersey trousers (drawstring). The stock picture on the COS site is misleading. The trousers actually have a strong taper and are more like track pants. Don't get me wrong, they fit well and I'm more than happy with the quality, it's just that some people in the COS thread mentioned that the pants weren't what they were expecting based on the COS stock pictures.
  You don't need a degree in statistics to work in business intelligence or as a business analyst. Sure, companies use these job titles in different ways, but the following has been my experience.   The core of business intelligence is interacting with databases and visualizing data. It's much more about communicating trends and aspects of the data, NOT the application of formal statistics to that data. Business analysts also don't do much in terms of formal statistical...
Youasme-measyou summer sale http://www.youasme.com/youasme/112-spring-summer-14
Mohawk General Store  
Sale at APLACE is live   http://www2.aplace.com/en/   I have no experience w/ them, just get their newsletter.
I'd be interested in someones TOJ0 spot if anyone wants to let go of theirs and is open to a trade (PW cardigan coat).
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