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I have a new Beams+ sweater for sale. Just got it from Unionmade for final sale. This sweater is really nice, just wasn't what I expected as it's a lot warmer and more substantial than what I need in CA.   I'm asking for $150 shipped, which is less than the $160 I paid for it.
 curious about this also, especial optical frames
I have a Sacai bomber for sale in size 2 (small). The body is cotton and the sleeves are nylon. I don't remember when I got this, just that it was around a year ago and it was purchased new from some store in France. I'm asking for $150 shipped.
I have a BNWT Our Legacy relaxed trouser for sale. It still has the tags attached and has never been worn. This is a nice item, but I'm trying to clean out a few things in my closet. Asking for $150 shipped.
Anyone know of any good sales for optical lens frames from the usual suspects (Oliver Peoples, Salt, Etnia, Barton Perreira, etc)
Cleaning my closet and have reopened this
I have a Raf Simmons dip dye for sale. It's a navy to yellow dip dye and is a size small. I wore it a few time initially, but eventually found it hard to incorporate it into my wardrobe, so it's been sitting there.
 Rough and Tumble is affiliated with Nepenthes, the company that makes EG. I think it's just another in that family (or they're a sub-label of EG??) and is made by the lead designer at EG. They should have labelled things correctly on that site. However, you're semi-essentially getting an EG product if I understand the Nepenthes family of brands correctly.  If you have the cropped pants in small and don't want it, I'll gladly buy it from you
Ha...I'm in the medium sized data world thankfully, Makes life a lot easier
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