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Done. I was picturing the scientists at the Ralph Lauren Research Institute working for years to perfect a metal alloy with just the right esthetic corrosive properties to match the subtle shades of the cordovan and Ralph himself going over to North Hampton to train the artisans at Crockett & Jones on the proper application of chemicals and hand burnishing to bring out the perfect shade of green.
What is the standard operating procedure with the respect to the greenish build up on the Marlow eyelets? My came with it. Do you clean it off or leave it, for character?
They were fine in terms of comfort -- more like Red Wings than Julians in terms of fit and stiffness. I don't think they are Red Wing or Alden. Someone on this forum probably knows. Maybe Thorogood, Chippewa or Carolina? The old Cat's Paw style RRL-branded soles were the cool on them
I did not hear from anyone else but did manage to get down to the LA shop on Melrose. See pics.        
Wythe Boots   Has anyone bought the new RRL captoe Wythe boots?  I've been trying to google for a a picture of them being worn and/or with a bit of wear on them but no success so far.
I'm interested in them.
I bought a pair of the Julian RRL Bowery boots on eBay.  A little worse for the wear, especially the soles and heels but they were a really good deal. The Cat's Paw heels were almost entirely erased. Sent them off to the cobbler and they came out nicely.        
How much did you get it for? It's at $135 at the Melrose store. 
Is this the shirt that has a bit of wool in it? Did you get it on line?
Are there other shops in LA along similar lines to RRL, Tradesman, Self Edge, and Mr. Freedom? Are there any shops that carry The Real McCoy stuff? Or Velva Sheen?
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