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Was the Wellhouse Jacket for $500 on the Ralph Lauren website or elsewhere?
Genuine Old Stock Tart Optical Arnels AMBER Size 44-24 Vintage Arnel frame made by Tart Optical in New York - not a modern reproduction Color: Amber Frame size 44/24 5 3/4" temples Genuine Old Stock Made in USA OTE stamped on right arm - see pictures 2 and 4 Measurements: 5.4 inches across front and 5 inches from hinge to hinge Inside lens top to bottom 33mm. Frame top to bottom 1 3/4"
I am selling a genuine old stock pair of Tart Arnels from the 1950s in Amber, size 42-24.  I have these up on ebay right now but will take them off if someone here is interested. The person or people who currently own the license for the Tart Optical brand name are busy giving sellers on ebay a hard time.  I was asked to list these without mentioning the brand.  Anyway, if you look on ebay under Depp Style eyeglasses or do a search for item number 300874665876, you can...
Hi,   I tried to call Glendale about the Naval Officer's Chino but not luck without the item number. Would be grateful if you have it.   Thanks  
Question: Would it be of interest and would enough people turn up if I were to have a Double RL yard sale in the Bay Area?  I have been collecting Double RL since 1993 and have boxes full that I will never get onto ebay.  I have done a couple of ebay sell-offs and even some Good Will runs with stuff over the years but I still have a lot that could go out and be used again.  
Sale Purchases   Woke up bright and early to put in an order for the Twill Officer's Chino Pant (34x32s), the Regiment Ripstop Cargos (34x32s) which are apparently cut like the Officer pants, the Manx bag, and a Polo item for good measure: the Suede Newsboy Jacket. I tried the Newsboy jacket on at the San Francisco shop two weeks ago and really liked it -- I would say it is the nicest of the suede jackets produced under the RRL or Polo labels in the last 5-10 years.  
I called the Tysons Corner Eddie Bauer store yesterday, following the tip a couple of pages back, and got an XL sent to California.
I just bought the RRL orange reversible vest and was able to use the 10% off code in addition to free shipping and the new 40% reduction that started today.
I was in Tokyo last summer and went to the store in Harajuku.  It had a few RRL pieces.  One of the sales people told me that it's because Japanese customers will only buy RRL if it was purchased in the US (regardless of where the item was actually made). There are a number of little boutiques around Tokyo that carry RRL items that were purchased in the US and brought back for resale. 
Hi, did you sell the 34 wool Officer Pants? Thanks
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