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Oh, hey, no offense taken, RTP.   Sorry if I seemed defensive. I'm not sure why I didn't just edit that post down to the belief that they are, in fact, on the 365 last once I spotted the asymmetry, to be honest.     At any rate, I understand your concern, and it's a valid one. These types of things can be a real gamble if all the info's not pinned down.    On the bright side, should you decide to spring for them and find that the last isn't correct, you may find that...
Any time, RTP, and thanks. My rationale for thinking they're on the 325 has been two-fold.1: The availability of a 325 Islay from Purdey and (unless I'm mistaken) Richard James suggests that it's an established private label option, better suited to a "modern" aesthetic like RJ's or Phineas Cole's (under whose name the boot's sold) than the more rustic 365 version.2: Phineas Cole's stylist has, somewhat oddly, laced the boots in the photograph very loosely; this could be...
Islays (could be the Purdey/Richard James 325-lasted model) at Paul Stuart for an excellent price. http://www.paulstuart.com/product_info.cfm?ProdID=7875&ProdCatId=1056&MainCatId=14&HEADERMENUID=1&SUBPRODCATID=0 -VF
No problem, L. Looking forward to seeing them. -VF
Thanks, guys.Laufer, I'm pretty sure it's the 325.I followed the Lindrick sizing conventions from Namor's RL spreadsheet. These are UK9.5E; my U.S. size is generally 10.5D.They fit well, with a comfortable, roomy toe.-VF
Sure thing, soender, and thanks. I got them two days ago, but they were introduced for F/W '13 and can sometimes not show up on the site. Not sure why, as they do seem to restock periodically. Here's the link: http://www.purdey.com/clothing-accessories/grain-leather-brogue-boots-boot061.aspx -VF
Probably the Tetbury.It's fairly versatile, not terribly expensive compared to some others, comes in lots of different makeups, and has the advantage of having gotten the "Bond Bump."-VF
Thanks, dbacr. So do I.They're pretty much the same as the Islays, but shaped (if forum suspicions are true, which I believe they are) on the 325 last instead of the 365.I've been comparing various brogue boots over the past year, and I think Purdey's may be the best-looking sub-$1k model available.*Almost got Islays, but the slightly sleeker last on these won me over.*That's not meant as a slight toward the Islay; I have kind of a skinny frame and it's easy for a boot to...
C&J for Purdey:
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