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@YRR92 , are those pants Turnbull & Asser? They're fantastic.   Actually, come to think of it, details on the rest of that outfit would be appreciated, too. 
Gorgeous, meditative desert drone. Sounds like heat shimmers. Highly recommend. 
 I dunno, I think of a peacock as a would-be dandy who gives entirely too many fucks, or at least looks like it.  A dandy, to me, is a man who dedicates himself to aesthetic elegance and looks completely natural doing so. 
Well, okay, the ties are expensive, but not awfully so-- 95 to 125 GBP is Drake's territory, which many (if not most) folks on here are comfortable with. Not going to disagree that there are better bargains to be had, but I wouldn't call them out as overpriced before seeing them in person.   As for the other stuff, it's pretty much the same story, isn't it? 300-odd GBP is a good price for a Scottish cashmere sweater, and their quilted-lined raincoats are just about on...
Saw this on @dieworkwear's blog.    http://shop.anderson-sheppard.co.uk/       It looks incredible.  Some of you guys must have seen it already, and maybe even ordered an item or two.  If so, please do post pics or a review when your order arrives. I'm eager to see how this stuff is.    Anyone know who makes the sweaters? They seem pretty reasonably priced, and A&S looks like a viable competitor to Drake's London in that department (and others).    Also,...
Hey, guys.    I'm interested in ordering the Purdey Islay(ish) boot, which this thread has led me to believe is shaped on the 325 last. I'm pretty sure I should size 1/2 down, but figured I'd check anyway.    The C&J for RL thread seems to indicate that a true 325 last (as opposed to the Marlow's, which is apparently slightly narrower) fits on the wide side of one's true size.    I'd most likely wear these boots with fairly thick socks.    For reference purposes, I...
Found 'em. Here's the link.   http://www.pantaclothing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BD8   Wish I could afford some Budays at the moment.   Love the styling, especially, but the quality looks incredible.      -VF
Ed, who makes these shoes? They're great-looking.
 Aha.Thanks for the info.  -VF
Purdey has some boots and a couple of shoes made for them by Crockett & Jones.   I particularly like their version of the Coniston, which comes in a darker brown than the standard C&J varieties, and the grain leather brogue boot they seem to have based on the Islay (but which is on the much more becoming 325 last). More detailed discussion, plus pictures, can be found in this...
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