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Found 'em. Here's the link.   http://www.pantaclothing.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BD8   Wish I could afford some Budays at the moment.   Love the styling, especially, but the quality looks incredible.      -VF
Ed, who makes these shoes? They're great-looking.
 Aha.Thanks for the info.  -VF
Purdey has some boots and a couple of shoes made for them by Crockett & Jones.   I particularly like their version of the Coniston, which comes in a darker brown than the standard C&J varieties, and the grain leather brogue boot they seem to have based on the Islay (but which is on the much more becoming 325 last). More detailed discussion, plus pictures, can be found in this...
That's just about where my Cordings moleskins sit.-VF
Fox Brothers makes a really nice-looking pair of white flannels.  http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/367/flannel-trousers/fox-flannel-cricket-white-trousers   "Made in Lancashire, England. The maker is traditionally a military maker of dress uniforms." Anyone know which maker that might be?   -VF
So, this article isn't exactly new at this point, but I still feel like it bears mentioning.  I also haven't been around a whole lot in the last few years, at least not in any active capacity, so let me know if it's been covered already.   http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2014/01/her-high-waisted-pants-menswear-nerds.html   GQ, upon having seen Spike Jonze's film "Her" and the trousers worn by its protagonist, seems terrified by the possibility...
Cool. Thanks for the advice.  -VF
I wear 15-33 shirts.How slim is the body of the sweater?
Thinking of picking up one of the Scott & Charters cashmere rollnecks.   I'm around 6' 0" and 140 lbs, and wear a 36R jacket; should I go for a small or a medium?   -VF
New Posts  All Forums: