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No problem, L. Looking forward to seeing them. -VF
Thanks, guys.Laufer, I'm pretty sure it's the 325.I followed the Lindrick sizing conventions from Namor's RL spreadsheet. These are UK9.5E; my U.S. size is generally 10.5D.They fit well, with a comfortable, roomy toe.-VF
Sure thing, soender, and thanks. I got them two days ago, but they were introduced for F/W '13 and can sometimes not show up on the site. Not sure why, as they do seem to restock periodically. Here's the link: http://www.purdey.com/clothing-accessories/grain-leather-brogue-boots-boot061.aspx -VF
Probably the Tetbury.It's fairly versatile, not terribly expensive compared to some others, comes in lots of different makeups, and has the advantage of having gotten the "Bond Bump."-VF
Thanks, dbacr. So do I.They're pretty much the same as the Islays, but shaped (if forum suspicions are true, which I believe they are) on the 325 last instead of the 365.I've been comparing various brogue boots over the past year, and I think Purdey's may be the best-looking sub-$1k model available.*Almost got Islays, but the slightly sleeker last on these won me over.*That's not meant as a slight toward the Islay; I have kind of a skinny frame and it's easy for a boot to...
C&J for Purdey:
@YRR92 , are those pants Turnbull & Asser? They're fantastic.   Actually, come to think of it, details on the rest of that outfit would be appreciated, too. 
Gorgeous, meditative desert drone. Sounds like heat shimmers. Highly recommend. 
 I dunno, I think of a peacock as a would-be dandy who gives entirely too many fucks, or at least looks like it.  A dandy, to me, is a man who dedicates himself to aesthetic elegance and looks completely natural doing so. 
Well, okay, the ties are expensive, but not awfully so-- 95 to 125 GBP is Drake's territory, which many (if not most) folks on here are comfortable with. Not going to disagree that there are better bargains to be had, but I wouldn't call them out as overpriced before seeing them in person.   As for the other stuff, it's pretty much the same story, isn't it? 300-odd GBP is a good price for a Scottish cashmere sweater, and their quilted-lined raincoats are just about on...
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