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Looks like the Paraboot "Reims" model.
Do be sure to keep us updated on the process.  How was your experience and what did you order?   (details, please)
Is this where you have ordered shirts before, or where you hope to order them soon?
I see. Who is your shirtmaker?
Wing collars are versatile for casual and dress wear, and look good unstarched. You could also buy a shirt with a regular point collar and keep the collar turned up; the visual difference is practically unnoticeable. How do you feel about turtlenecks?
With shirts, color is an important factor to consider. Black is a given, as it goes with everything and can be worn longer without showing stains, but a dark burgundy is also an option for similar reasons. You might also want to look into a black and grey multiple stripe, which will suit a tailcoat and Tripp pants well. High, starched collars are the most elegant option, of course, but they can chafe and discolor fairly easily. If you decide to go that route, it would be...
Would these be worn with Tripp pants?
These have probably been covered, although I'm not gonna go through 1250 pages to check:   Clip-on suspenders, especially with expensive trousers from Ambrosi, Liverano, etc. Why not Thurstons or some other real, buttoned braces?  Is it an inside joke?   Orange shoes. As a matter of fact, any pale shoes made of regular leather and not suede or buckskin. It just looks weird, especially with a darker outfit.*  Then again, contrast stitching rubs me the wrong way, too....
Mike, will there be any RTW cotton Walts for fall? The Walt cut seems to have been deemphasized in favor of Rivet Chinos and Driggs, but I'm a big fan of the rise and fit.    Some cotton drill, Cramerton-style cloth, or substantial corduroy as @Epaulet had last year would be killer.    -VF
@kiya , are there plans to restock the Stevenson Santa Rosa online?
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