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Anybody have a favorite shoe tree that is as good as the Alden ones? Leather Soul has good ones (that are made at the same place they make the Alden shoe trees), but they're currently out of my size.
What's the absolute cheapest place to get #8 gunboats? I remember somewhere people talking about a shop that didn't have an online presence that sold them at less than the standard 660ish.
Anybody have pictures of the Unionmade Stoneman chukka #8 out in the wild?
Pretty sad i didn't get the Leffot #8s with antique edgetrim. how hard is it to have the dark edgetrim changed to antique? anybody know how much it costs? If it's not a big deal, I'd just buy a used pair of regular #8 longwings...
there are a lot of special makeups I currently want, the problem is they're all on Crepe-- which I'm not too into. Anybody have a picture of them wearing crepe that can convince me I'm wrong? Looking for a side view (as opposed to an overheard view).   thanks!
Here's a sizing question for the forum: I wear an 8d in indy boots, so I assumed that I would also wear an 8d on the barrie last. I just received a pair of LWB and they feel really tight and constraining against my heal and the widest part of my foot. Anyone else need different sizes on the trubalance and barrie lasts? I'm nervous to send them back only to get something a half size up and slightly too big.  
I just stained my sand suede chukkas with an oil based sauce. Any idea what's the best way to get the stain out?
sorry, for the dumb question, but where is the area of the forum for sellers and buyers of alden shoes?  
anybody have pics of the Epaulet Natural Longwings on the Leydon last. interested to see how they look on feet as compared to the barrie.
I think you might be right about the sizing. When I bought them from LSBH i was sized at a 8D which seemed to fit fine. I wear a 9d in the hampton last and the leydon, but Brian (i think that's his name), felt that 8 rather than 81/2 was the right size because i have narrow feet and said there isn't much difference in length between an 8 and an 8 1/2-- I guess maybe he was wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: