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I've been wearing these boots every day for 2 months.  This is with a light coat of Obenauf's.  They're actually a little lighter than in the image, it's just the bad lighting/phone camera.        
  I didn't apply anything to my first pair since they were really well oiled out of the box and had no problems, just wiped them down with a damp cloth from time to time.  After a year of wear I had a problem with the toe box stitching and swapped them out for a new pair in a store.   The newer pair was a little more dried out since it wasn't strait from the factory, and the salt on sidewalks around Boston pushed me to apply some Obenauf's.  I used a light hand though and...
Are you saying his aren't full grain or Katahdins aren't in general?  I corresponded with customer service a few months back when I inquired about the boot's construction here's what they said:     I think I remember people earlier on in the thread stating that theirs were not full grain and they were able to return them for full grain.  
I lace them all the way up, but don't pull the laces too tight at the top.  Since they're waxed they pretty much stay however you tie them.   The boots will loosen up, but again, you may just have them tied too tight at the top.
Were the other boots you tried on too big?  If so, that's probably why you didn't feel it.   I also only felt it on the left boot, but I think that's because my left foot is a tad bigger than my right so the boot was more snug.  If you're right handed your left foot might be a little more muscular than your right, especially if you've played sports.   Either way, after wearing them about 6 times I didn't feel it any more.  Since multiple people have commented on...
  Yeah, mine came in a Chippewa box and were a bit uncomfortable where the tongue was stitched to the upper, but that seemed to go away after wearing them a few times.
I just got those in the mail November 3 (as well as a pair October 25 that I had to send back) and they both looked like that.  Have they really changed that much in less than a month?
  This is what the Katahdins look like now.
I'm guessing that the heel is simply glued on, not sewn.  Looking at my Katahdins right now that appears to be the case, although I could be wrong.   From what I've seen, heels are usually either glued, tacked, or both.  I'm guessing most glued heels, and even some tacked, would do that if you pull on them, which is why I never pull on them.  Each time you do you risk dust and debris getting between the sole and the heel and over time the bond will get weaker and...
At work I wear a Timberland Pro 9.5 E steel-toe and 10.5 D AE PA's.  I went with a 10 D on the Katahdins and that seems to work.  They actually are wider than my Timberlands.  I think they'd definitely have enough room for thick wool socks, although I've only worn cotton with them so far.
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