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 Thank you for the relply, it's very useful ! From which year is yours ? Now my concern, as other folks here, is that they remove the permanent collection... I hope I will have the time to buy everything I want. If someone can share feelings about the quality of the other pieces I mentioned (blazer, teddy wool, parka), it would be nice. :o)I am particularly interessted by the blazer. To be precise, this one :  I am sure some of you guys grabbed it !
 I planned to buy this piece since a few months, but I will probably wait to see if new colors appear for SS 2017 (I am quite bored by the black and white).Btw, what about the quality of this jacket ? I mean, I read here and there that Saint Laurent quality has decreased over time (I don't know if this is true for all the pieces). Do you think this piece will stand the test of time ?I have the same apprehension about quality concerning other pieces from the permanent...
    The Gats High are available in Paris. This is a basic each season !
Am I the only one who find this line horrible ?...
My Pair of Lanvin for this winter :   http://uppix.net/9/c/8/097b5fd9295c96c9ac08e48420c01.jpg   Not the best Lanvin ever for sure, but they are cool with the color and as usual with Lanvin good materials.
I think the same now I tried both
Well yeah it's quite good here but I assure you that from the above it is too big / not nice at all.    
Finally bought this model :         Probably not the best sneakers ever, but this is cool. The canvas (in red) is great, and the form of the sneaker on foot is perfect (for me).   My favourite brands in sneakers stay Lanvin and Common Projects but very often this is too big on foot, that is why I like Dior too, more "thin".
Hi there,   I bought a pair of Achilles "Premium" a few days ago.   Well, I saw the model only on the web, in Très Bien Shop, and it looked superb !   Finally... I was disapointed. The sneakers looks so big on foot, not very nice... only the profile is fine for me. Anyway, I send back the pair and I will be refund.   Today I tried a simple Achilles model and... I find it far better ! :)   Pics of the Premium model I took...
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