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 Thank you for the answers guys. I am quite worried now. In comparison with the classic blazer from the permanent collection (2 golden button), which for me is the perfect cut since I tried it last month, how is the cut of the stars blazer ? Please don't tell me this is the same ****ing boxy cut as this :  Because if this is the case, I'll cancel my order without thinking twice.   I read your message yesterday and was really surprised to read SLP jacket are not fully...
 Hi, Don't worry, the black chain is for FW 2016 Palladium collection only. I don't know why they did that but to me it means "Hedi last collection". It's super collector man !  Spring 2017 items = silver chain again (and it will probably continue like this). Of course women always have gold chain.
I just bought the "Stars" blazer on Ssense (-20%, still a 48 and 52 left) :     Here : https://www.ssense.com/fr-fr/hommes/produit/saint-laurent/blazer-en-jacquard-noir-stars/1399223   I really like the appearance, but I am bothered because it seems this is a straight cut and I prefer slim fit. Does somebody here have it ? I remember I saw pictures recently, here or on an other forum. Oh and I received the duffle coat : I will try it tomorrow...  
 Thanks, I hope you are right ! I will receive it monday and will try to post fit pics.Yeah I know it's warm, I really want it for the one or two months per year when the weather is really really cold so I am sure it will do the job perfectly.  
 Yes, they ship with the proper packaging when they have it, which is the case for Saint Laurent. I ordered a jacket last month and it came with hanger and bag, no problem.
 Yes, the space is normal, a duffle coat is not supposed to be close to the body at all. It would be anti natural for this piece. I am 1.86 meters (6.1 ft) for 70 kilos (155 lbs), I hope it will be good on me.If the silhouette is like in the FW13 runway, I will be very happy, that's exactly what I am looking for :  If the piece is good on me, I intend to keep it lifelong. It's really the kind of piece that you buy as an investment (contrary to a funny teddy you will like...
 Thanks man, it confirms that this coat runs big... I just ordered the 44, I hope it will work too !
 It's private sales, and yes that's true : november 23. Winter sales = january, yes. ;) --Btw guys, what do you think about the sizing of the permanent duffle coat ? Our friend from lustercatcher recommends to size down on his article : http://lustercatcher.com/2015/12/09/first-impression-saint-laurent-permanent-collection-duffle-coat/ I am normally a 46. I am looking for the fit of the runway (or may be a little more fitted, but not much) :...
 November 23 ! I live in Paris. Tell me if I can help. 
 That's it.
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