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Hey all,    I dont know if any of you remember me but I posted for a few years ago. And it was pretty bad. I took your advice and lurked and lurked. Then I eventually gave up. Then 6 monthes ago, I sold a ton of my clothes, made my wardrobe much smaller, and bought a few items i've wanted for a while. Although I do not have a lot of options or unique fits I feel so much better about my style. Essentially my attitude was "if I wouldnt wear it atleast once a week, it...
Istasi which Uniqlo jeans are those? 
Haven't posted in a long time. Fits have been incredible lately.    "Is this for people on the internet to make fun of you?" - my roommate on why I asked him to take a picture of me    Still warm in florida. Been using variations of this outfit everyday. 
  RLBL/J.Crew/Uniqlo/LVC/Bass   Went to Montreal. Had to buy a jacket. 100 degree's colder then florida.      Here's another picture of the Jacket. Not sure if I should keep it or sell it. 
So here's what I wore to class today. I took the advice and wore the sockless loafers with tapered pants. Thanks for the help.    I had my shirt tucked out for the most part of the day so this is what I actually looked like.   
Really appreciate all the advice, so I will taper the pants. I see what you guys mean about that. It's a weird mix between being proper and trying be "edgy" and its not being pulled off. Also, I always get the same criticism about jacket size.  I think I need to just gain weight because all my jackets are 36 or smaller and relitively slim but still look big. Im 118 pounds and 5'11 but I just started working on gaining weight in healthy way. 
Here's a few better pics for moo               Also, the suits shipley and halmos so I felt it belongs here. If not, I'll gladly post it to MC. 
So I haven't posted in quite a while. Last time I posted I got hazed so I took SF's advice and lurked a ton. I I then took a little break from styleforum to help develop my style more so now Im back. This pic a few monthes ago. The suit actually has a a really subtle blue glen plaid pattern. I can take a detain shot if anyones interested.     
I went to Texas De Brazil in Miami Moo. There used to be a Porcao down here but it closed years ago.    Yeah, the undershirt looks pretty stupid. I'll start wearing deep V's under button downs if I have to. I'm taking the jacket to the tailor tomorrow. Im slimming and shortening the sleeves. Jacket's fit is probably too conservative for me to be wearing with jeans.    Edit: Also, I see what you mean with the shoes. Im going to buy a good versatile pair of shoes...
      Before leaving to break my fast at a brazilian steakhouse. Best idea ever. 
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