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 PM'ed about the canali sc
Hi, i'm selling here a bnwt Barba shirt bought for christmas but wrong size, original rmsp is 180 €, selling here for 100 € or best offer. The size is 17 1/2 or 44, it's a stunning piece! I'll ship anywhere, just ask me for the quote, any question please pm me!
the two isaia ties are awesome congrats!!
^^ That's a beauty!!! How much did it cost?
^^ Ah i'm just a rotary lover but without a rotary under the bonnet
call me crazy but often i start with the watch as i'm a watch lover, and then all the rest
^^^ Agree on all that he said
I bought mine in an official hermes boutique in my town so i doubt that......... And it has the h in the lining too
my hermes tie has "hermes paris" on the keeper too
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