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That's one beautiful bag, congrats!
^ If you are in Switzerland, I believe Brogue in Geneva (www.brogue.ch) caries some Carmina models. Other than that, ordering directly from Carmina is usually the cheapest, if they have the model you want. Also, the prices in their Spanish stores are the same as in the webstore, while the Paris store is a bit more expensive (last time I checked). A couple of affiliates here also sell their shoes: http://skoaktiebolaget.se/tags/carmina, UniPair, Epaulet (besides Armoury,...
I don't see any problem with wearing a watch at all, no matter your position in the company. For sure, if you have a very "showy" watch like a two tone gold Rolex, I'd reconsider, but a classic understated watch is always OK (and practical!) in my opinion.
Have you tried cuffing your trousers instead of plain hemming them? I find that the additional weight of a cuff helps them fall back more easily in place.
Take a look at this old thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/1463/hof-how-to-measure-for-ebay/0_50 . The pictures are unfortunately gone, but the text explains the process well.
Welcome to SF! To your question: - wearing a tie without a jacket (or at least a sweater or cardigan) is usually frowned upon here - not that you are suggesting that, but the same goes for wearing a tie with jeans, the difference in formality between the top and bottom throws this look off IMHO (although some people seem to pull this off on the internet; the cases I have seen in real world were usually less than stellar).   Other than that, your proposed...
As a diligent student of Foo(tm), I would like to ask you about what I see as a slight contradiction in your preferences: - you rightfully claim that when wearing patterns, two or three are the best (http://www.tweedinthecity.com/2013/02/01/pattern-matching-have-some-principles/) - you expressed an opinion against wearing a tie and pocket square as the only patterned elements, on the basis that this makes them stand out as pure decorative elements But when you wear a...
I love the expression of Luciano Barbera, looking benevolently at the "state of menswear", as Vox would put it:  
^The SW&D thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/164402/ask-a-question-get-an-answer-ask-all-quick-questions-here/11600_100     I'd wear them with all three without hesitation, but IMHO it would make them marginally more suitable for that if they had open (derby) lacing, like this:
^ Take a look at the Styleforum 101 page: http://www.styleforum.net/a/how-should-i-start-my-business-wardrobe . Specific brands and places will depend on where you are located.
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