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^ Check this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/228153/the-official-shoe-care-thread-tutorials-photos-etc . Also this one: http://www.styleforum.net/t/10830/shoe-care-supply-checklist/0_100
^ Try asking the tailors in the tailors' thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/265924/the-tailors-thread-fit-feedback-and-alteration-suggestions   Other than that, my understanding is that as long as the shoulders and chest fits, the waist can be taken in, within reason, the same way you would do it with a regular jacket. But, do you plan to wear the overcoat over a suit? If yes, you should absolutely try it on with a suit jacket, before you decide on the fit and...
^Mike, I have to say that I always find your fits very inspiring. There is never an element which would stand out by itself, and the whole thing feels always very harmonious. Keep up the good work!
If you wear ties and jackets, solid shirts are indeed the mainstay (some would even declare the light blue solid shirt to be the OneShirt, ). However, if you only wear a shirt (+ maybe a sweater) with no tie, you can afford to wear a shirt with a bolder pattern since there is no tie to clash with. IMHO, the pattern on the shirt creates some welcome visual interest in such an ensemble which can be otherwise quite bland. So, I wouldn't sweat it - just don't wear your...
Eith, take a look at this thread - http://www.styleforum.net/t/338954/streamlined-shoe-wardrobe/0_100. Also, this article sums up similar points too - http://putthison.com/post/27558524428/the-seven-shoe-wardrobe-the-longer-i-write-about. If you don't wear suits often, your one black pair of oxfords (AE Harrison) is probably going to be sufficient, and otherwise, you can focus on derbies, loafers, monks (and boots, although I suspect you don't need those so much in...
That's one beautiful bag, congrats!
^ If you are in Switzerland, I believe Brogue in Geneva (www.brogue.ch) caries some Carmina models. Other than that, ordering directly from Carmina is usually the cheapest, if they have the model you want. Also, the prices in their Spanish stores are the same as in the webstore, while the Paris store is a bit more expensive (last time I checked). A couple of affiliates here also sell their shoes: http://skoaktiebolaget.se/tags/carmina, UniPair, Epaulet (besides Armoury,...
I don't see any problem with wearing a watch at all, no matter your position in the company. For sure, if you have a very "showy" watch like a two tone gold Rolex, I'd reconsider, but a classic understated watch is always OK (and practical!) in my opinion.
Have you tried cuffing your trousers instead of plain hemming them? I find that the additional weight of a cuff helps them fall back more easily in place.
Take a look at this old thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/1463/hof-how-to-measure-for-ebay/0_50 . The pictures are unfortunately gone, but the text explains the process well.
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