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These would look nice with chinos and jeans, though you may also want to look at derbies (open-laced shoes), and loafers; I think they would be a slightly better match with the outfits you propose. The color seems fine to me. If you are in Arizona, you can probably wear medium and even light brown shoes most of the year.
Yes, in principle. However, I think that you can get away more easily with wearing darker shoes with a lighter outfit, than lighter shoes with a darker outfit. Maybe you can give a specific example of an outfit you have in mind? There is more to shoe choice than just color, too.
If you are talking about suits, I find this guide from PutThisOn very straightforward:   With casual outfits (save for some SW&D looks, which I am not confident enough to say anything about), brown or burgundy works generally better than black. Darker shades of brown will be easier to wear than lighter shades; it is generally easier to have your shoes darker than your trousers than vice versa. In summer, you can generally wear lighter colors since the summer...
^ Generally, wearing a suit jacket separately (without matching trousers) is frowned upon here. It can look good if the suit jacket is more casual - either made from casual weave (I believe people wear fresco or hopsack as blazer-suits here) or material (tweed, linen), has casual details (patch pockets, buttons in a different color than the suit) etc. Also, a navy suit jacket is going to look better separately than a gray one (gray sportcoats are a minefield,...
IMHO, the contrast sole edge makes them a little more casual, but they would go perfectly with chinos and jeans.
Looks suspiciously similar to the cardigan from Ring Jacket that Alan from The Armoury is wearing:     http://lnsee.tumblr.com/image/38027988713
I also think the shoes are fine, but I agree with stitches, a boot would be marginally better. If I were looking for an absolutely ideal shoe for this outfit, a rugged outdoorsy boot with a commando sole such as C&J Snowdon would be perfect.
I have tried to channel my inner Foo :   1) Open quarters       2) Closed quarters  
Dark brown derby is pretty versatile - you can wear it with anything from jeans to chinos to odd trousers ("slacks"), even a suit if you are not English, though I'd prefer an oxford shoe instead. The difference between derby and oxford:   Another thing if you are new: Don't rush into buying things too fast. Read the threads and articles here and elsewhere, get some books (Roetzel's Gentleman, Flusser's dressing the man etc.), but wait a couple of months before you...
The leather looks quite wrinkled, but the style is not an awful square-toe, so if you had the shoes for a while and they fit you well, you should definitely keep them - they may not be the nicest shoes around, but even if you had other nice shoes, it is good to have a beater pair that you can wear without worrying about them.
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