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Looks suspiciously similar to the cardigan from Ring Jacket that Alan from The Armoury is wearing:     http://lnsee.tumblr.com/image/38027988713
I also think the shoes are fine, but I agree with stitches, a boot would be marginally better. If I were looking for an absolutely ideal shoe for this outfit, a rugged outdoorsy boot with a commando sole such as C&J Snowdon would be perfect.
I have tried to channel my inner Foo :   1) Open quarters       2) Closed quarters  
Dark brown derby is pretty versatile - you can wear it with anything from jeans to chinos to odd trousers ("slacks"), even a suit if you are not English, though I'd prefer an oxford shoe instead. The difference between derby and oxford:   Another thing if you are new: Don't rush into buying things too fast. Read the threads and articles here and elsewhere, get some books (Roetzel's Gentleman, Flusser's dressing the man etc.), but wait a couple of months before you...
The leather looks quite wrinkled, but the style is not an awful square-toe, so if you had the shoes for a while and they fit you well, you should definitely keep them - they may not be the nicest shoes around, but even if you had other nice shoes, it is good to have a beater pair that you can wear without worrying about them.
I have two shirts from Ledbury, and I like them a lot because of the fit and fabric, but there are a couple of reasons why I don't have more (besides logistics, having to order shirts to a friend in the US to avoid international shipping and customs; though obviously there is nothing Ledbury can do about that :)): - very few button-down collar options; most of Ledbury shirts are meant to be worn without tie, and I strongly prefer button-down collar to wear without...
From what I can see, the difference between the two Meermins is in the stitching, and in the number of eyelets. I slightly prefer model b), simply because the stitching looks more "classic", similar to Edward Green Chelsea for example, IMHO the quintessential black oxford:But, in practice the difference is very small, and both should serve you well.
While I risk looking like a PutThisOn-bot, I find their list of affordable brands quite exhaustive: http://putthison.com/post/43010205853/finding-affordable-shoes-shoes-may-or-may-not-be
Definitely get navy first. If you search for "black suits", you'll get many heated discussions, but the prevailing opinion will be to just don't do that.   You didn't write where you are located, but take a look at the recommendations above (Suitsupply and the suit quality thread for options). How fast do you need your suit? It is always risky to recommend a new operation like that when there is no previous experience. IMHO, a safer and faster option would be to just...
IIn principle, there is nothing wrong with the outfit you propose. In terms of colors, you should worry about what makes you comfortable rather than what attracts the women - some people get away with bright colors, while others would look silly. Beware of very bright colors though - while they can be fun sometimes, they are harder to combine well and you'll find shades of grey, navy and brown more versatile.Check this thread for inspiration on casual "classic" looks...
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