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Yes, in principle. However, I think that you can get away more easily with wearing darker shoes with a lighter outfit, than lighter shoes with a darker outfit. Maybe you can give a specific example of an outfit you have in mind? There is more to shoe choice than just color, too.
If you are talking about suits, I find this guide from PutThisOn very straightforward:   With casual outfits (save for some SW&D looks, which I am not confident enough to say anything about), brown or burgundy works generally better than black. Darker shades of brown will be easier to wear than lighter shades; it is generally easier to have your shoes darker than your trousers than vice versa. In summer, you can generally wear lighter colors since the summer...
^ Generally, wearing a suit jacket separately (without matching trousers) is frowned upon here. It can look good if the suit jacket is more casual - either made from casual weave (I believe people wear fresco or hopsack as blazer-suits here) or material (tweed, linen), has casual details (patch pockets, buttons in a different color than the suit) etc. Also, a navy suit jacket is going to look better separately than a gray one (gray sportcoats are a minefield,...
IMHO, the contrast sole edge makes them a little more casual, but they would go perfectly with chinos and jeans.
Looks suspiciously similar to the cardigan from Ring Jacket that Alan from The Armoury is wearing:     http://lnsee.tumblr.com/image/38027988713
I also think the shoes are fine, but I agree with stitches, a boot would be marginally better. If I were looking for an absolutely ideal shoe for this outfit, a rugged outdoorsy boot with a commando sole such as C&J Snowdon would be perfect.
I have tried to channel my inner Foo :   1) Open quarters       2) Closed quarters  
Dark brown derby is pretty versatile - you can wear it with anything from jeans to chinos to odd trousers ("slacks"), even a suit if you are not English, though I'd prefer an oxford shoe instead. The difference between derby and oxford:   Another thing if you are new: Don't rush into buying things too fast. Read the threads and articles here and elsewhere, get some books (Roetzel's Gentleman, Flusser's dressing the man etc.), but wait a couple of months before you...
The leather looks quite wrinkled, but the style is not an awful square-toe, so if you had the shoes for a while and they fit you well, you should definitely keep them - they may not be the nicest shoes around, but even if you had other nice shoes, it is good to have a beater pair that you can wear without worrying about them.
I have two shirts from Ledbury, and I like them a lot because of the fit and fabric, but there are a couple of reasons why I don't have more (besides logistics, having to order shirts to a friend in the US to avoid international shipping and customs; though obviously there is nothing Ledbury can do about that :)): - very few button-down collar options; most of Ledbury shirts are meant to be worn without tie, and I strongly prefer button-down collar to wear without...
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