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After a few weeks of rain, it finally appears that summer is here to stay:          
I don't know the brand you are referring to, but TM Lewin shirts are considered pretty decent for the price, and they can be had for 25 GBP if you buy 4 or more. Plus, they have regularly sales when they go for like 20 GBP I think. Also check Charles Tyrwhitt.
Barack Obama's Frank Clegg briefcase (via http://offthecuffdc.com/frank-clegg-white-house)
Are you sure you need a 17 inch laptop? I mean, the extra screen space is nice, but 7.5lbs of weight gets tiring really fast. I have also studied computer science, and I know it can mean many things these days, but most of the time, you just need your laptop to write code and you can do that on a 13 inch laptop without problems. I wouldn't carry more than say 4.5lbs laptop daily.   But if you insist on this laptop, my suggestion would be to just get a backpack for...
Welcome to the Styleforum! The fit that you posted looks nice. You can check the MC Casual thread for more inspiration along similar lines - http://www.styleforum.net/t/253842/waywrn-mc-casual-style .   As far as the shoes are concerned, there are not going to get much love here. I suggest you keep them for the moment, but take time to learn what makes a good shoe, and then get some better quality and better looking shoes.   For the style you are going for, some...
Spring showers in Vienna.  
Maybe try the SW&D questions thread? http://www.styleforum.net/t/164402/ask-a-question-get-an-answer-ask-all-quick-questions-here
These would look nice with chinos and jeans, though you may also want to look at derbies (open-laced shoes), and loafers; I think they would be a slightly better match with the outfits you propose. The color seems fine to me. If you are in Arizona, you can probably wear medium and even light brown shoes most of the year.
Yes, in principle. However, I think that you can get away more easily with wearing darker shoes with a lighter outfit, than lighter shoes with a darker outfit. Maybe you can give a specific example of an outfit you have in mind? There is more to shoe choice than just color, too.
If you are talking about suits, I find this guide from PutThisOn very straightforward:   With casual outfits (save for some SW&D looks, which I am not confident enough to say anything about), brown or burgundy works generally better than black. Darker shades of brown will be easier to wear than lighter shades; it is generally easier to have your shoes darker than your trousers than vice versa. In summer, you can generally wear lighter colors since the summer...
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