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 I have a zip top briefcase from Lotuff Leather ( that I am very happy with . Also check Frank Clegg Leatherworks (Lotuff uses some of his designs, though he works on his own now). Browse this thread for other makers. Previously, I had messenger bags both from Fossil and Coach. The Fossil bag I cannot recommend. The leather which holded the strap tore apart after about 2 years, and overall the leather was...
 Thank you. I will think about the waist, I might just leave it as it is and have it tailored later if it bothers me. I agree that the overall length is about the minimum I could wear, but I thought that for a casual unstructured coat, it is good to be a little shorter.  The pants are Incotex, and the shoes are Barker Cardiff from their "handcrafted" collection.
Thank you. Here is the close-up. It looks like barleycorn tweed, though the fabric is much lighter than tweed. More like medium weight.
X-post from the Suitsupply thread:
I have just received the Havana brown jacket from the fall collection (size EU48). What do you guys think of the fit? I am quite happy about it, though the buttoning point could be 1cm lower, and I am debating if I should tighten the waist a tiny bit. Thanks!    
I would like to ask about the fit of this Cottonwork shirt after it has been washed several times. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? I was thinking to ask to take it in the waist next time (1 inch or so). Anything else? Thank you.     [[SPOILER]]
Hi guys, I wanted to ask if you know of any retailers in London that stock Alfred Sargent shoes? Seeing all the beautiful pictures in this thread makes me want to check them out in person next time I'll go there.
I can't speak from personal experience, but according to this thread (, albeit a bit old, RLBL shoes are made by Crockett&Jones, which is highly esteemed here - check if they are "Made in England". If they are made in Italy, I don't know the maker.   Also check this: Budget of $600-$1000 gives you access to most RTW brands - Edward Green, G&G, Crockett&Jones handgrade, Vass,...
I don't have any Simpson last Carminas (only Forest & Rain), but I found the Bexley shoe trees to work well. Take the same size as your shoes.
^ Oops, sorry about that, I should really catch up on the Styleforum nomenclature :) Corrected.
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