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I am no insider, so please correct me if I am wrong, but we seem to have very little information as to what occasion Vox's picture has been taken at. Therefore, given Vox's record of being well-dressed, we should give him the benefit of doubt that his dress was indeed appropriate for the occasion.
Guys, a tip for making scanning past posts more efficient: Go to your SF profile settings and set the post count per page on max (100).
^ This is awesome - but in terms of style, there is a world of difference between NOBD's hiking boots and the Keens of CP (as much as I like CP's fit otherwise). Mind you, I am perfectly fine with wearing the Keens with what people usually wear hiking these days (fleece, hiking pants, waterproof jacket etc.). But OCBD + shetland sweater call for something more traditionally styled IMHO.
 I have a zip top briefcase from Lotuff Leather (http://www.lotuffleather.com/products/Leather-Zip-Top-Briefcase.html) that I am very happy with . Also check Frank Clegg Leatherworks (Lotuff uses some of his designs, though he works on his own now). Browse this thread for other makers. Previously, I had messenger bags both from Fossil and Coach. The Fossil bag I cannot recommend. The leather which holded the strap tore apart after about 2 years, and overall the leather was...
 Thank you. I will think about the waist, I might just leave it as it is and have it tailored later if it bothers me. I agree that the overall length is about the minimum I could wear, but I thought that for a casual unstructured coat, it is good to be a little shorter.  The pants are Incotex, and the shoes are Barker Cardiff from their "handcrafted" collection.
Thank you. Here is the close-up. It looks like barleycorn tweed, though the fabric is much lighter than tweed. More like medium weight.
X-post from the Suitsupply thread:
I have just received the Havana brown jacket from the fall collection (size EU48). What do you guys think of the fit? I am quite happy about it, though the buttoning point could be 1cm lower, and I am debating if I should tighten the waist a tiny bit. Thanks!    
I would like to ask about the fit of this Cottonwork shirt after it has been washed several times. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? I was thinking to ask to take it in the waist next time (1 inch or so). Anything else? Thank you.     [[SPOILER]]
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