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Common Projects Achilles Low White size 43 (US 10)   Worn 2x outside, come with a dust bag and shoe laces   Free shipping in CONUS, please contact me for international shipping.
For sale unworn Barutti Harris tweed jacket, size 50. Actual measurements as follows:   Chest 55 cm = 21.75 in Waist 50.5 cm = 19.75 in Shoulder width 47 cm = 18.5 in Length 75 cm = 29.5 in Sleeve 64 cm = 25.25 in   Shipping included within Canada (local pickup in Vancouver also possible), buyer pays shipping for elsewhere.
For blazers/sportcoats in the J Crew price range with a slim fit, you can check out Suitsupply. There is a long thread about them: http://www.styleforum.net/t/250682/suitsupply-nyc/0_100. I have a couple of their jackets and they are great. I don't have an experience with their outerwear, but it seems nice too.
Where do you live? And how formal is your office? What kind of outerwear you'll need for work will depend on these two things.   You can browse this thread to check out some of the classic outerwear styles: http://www.styleforum.net/t/332290/the-official-classic-mens-coats-thread/0_100   You can also check a few related articles at Put This...
For the most comfortable, classic shoes, you best bets are 1) suede, and 2) rubber soles; ideally both :) Any of the shoe makers that you'd read about on this forum make them, check out for example Meermin or Loake given your budget.
When I was in their Seattle store last weekend, I was told that the new collection will launch will be in the store on Sep 8.
I would try contacting your shipping company.   Similar thing happened to me in an opposite direction a few months ago: Carmina has sent my shoes, and the Fedex tracking page said that the package is waiting for customs clearance for about 2 weeks. When I called them, it turned out that the package has never reached the (Canadian) customs and the tracking page had wrong info. They actually lost track of the package somewhere along the way in the US. Fedex then declared...
Thank you! I agree about the monks actually - in my mind a pair of brown calf half-brogue oxfords would have been perfect. But I am working with what I have for the moment.
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