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Hello,   I just needed some advice. I'm considering a 40R Billy Reid double breasted blazer over the internet however I usually buy size 38R blazers. It is the Patterson camel hair model. I am 5'9.5 and 185lb with broad'ish shoulders.   Anyone have advice/experience with the fit with Billy Reid?   Thanks in advance!
Hey any peacoats in size 38R? As well I'm seriously thinking of getting someone to proxy one of the Samuelssohn SC in size 38R.    I tried one on in Cashmere before which had some damage to it so that's why I never picked it up. The fit was impeccable though. Really would love to get one at $200 which wasn't much more than the Cashmere one was going for (with the damage).    Sorry I'm in BC, Canada. 
Yeah I'm definitely interested in the Sammuelssohns SC for $200. They should be full canvased and good material. Any navy/dark greys in them?
  This is why I'm iffy about buying AE brand new. At the store hopefully you can make sure it's all good but even then, I was at one of the nordstroms looking at the Strand and theirs had the trim jagged cuts were frayed, leather quailty didn't look the nicest, etc. At sale prices they are a good bet as long as you don't expect a perfect shoe. In terms of build, seems they are solid though. Just the little details seem to be not there at times. 
Hey guys, with the Dublin leather/oily leathers, can we use the Allen Edmonds Premium Polish on them (ie. to change the colour)?
Question: How many people here put their cedar wood trees in right after taking the shoe off?   I'm seeing some comments saying they wait for the inside to dry before putting the trees in. That makes me unsure if I'm doing it properly. 
I'm unsure how much I like the Allen Edmonds Mcallister in black. The wingtip seems like it would look better in brown or walnut but that's not an option.    So which would you choose?   A) Black and walnut Stands   OR   B) Black Mcallister and walnut Stand   Thanks!
Please PM price on:   Strand Walnut size 8EEE Park Avenue black size 8EEE Dalton dark chocolate calf size 8EEE Elgin tan size 8EEE Fifth Street Laceups 8EEE
I've got a pair of Sanfords here I just purchased brand new and found a defect in the right shoe. The rest of the shoe is breathtaking (perfect leather, really nice stitching). This panel though on the shoe the stitching is lopsided, they go over the edge and almost just try to finish off the pattern even though no longer in symmetry. The leather holes are not punched right through so they are just left there. You can see where the shoe laces attach is really crinkly...
I just got some of the big slub weird guy. I can just get the top button done up but they feel like they are super low rise. I can't do any of the other buttons up unless I really force it but then it'll just crush my top block.    This denim feels super stiff almost like elephant denim so I'm afraid how much it can stretch..    Should I size up? The waist will be a bit loose then... 
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