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Fake? The hand is not very soft. The piece is canvassed though.
 Hey, I passed on an olive coloured paisley one a week ago. Are these good to pick up? It was like $1 or $2 i think. 
Thanks! I couldn't recognize the little symbol so you saved me a ton of time and introduced me to another brand!   Now I don't feel bad about leaving behind a t-shirt that said the same thing on it. It seems someone here has been buying up fakes and  donating them. It's weird the jacket had what seems like another brand's label on the left arm and the quality/details don't look close to  what my personal Neighbourhood pieces look like. One day I'll find a proper...
Fake neighborhood?
Hey guys, Is Tailorbyrd really good? I seem to see Vineyard VInes and Tailorbyrd in this thread quite often but I usually pass on those.. 
sorry one pic of the t shirt. I didn't photo the bottom tag..
Is this something?
St Andrews is a thing!
 Thanks! Makes sense. I compared it to Canali and Pal Zaleri and neither matched. It's a pair of triple pleat orphan suit pants that fits super well. But the maker's name is not on the article. 
Anyone recognize the tag?
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