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St Andrews is a thing!
 Thanks! Makes sense. I compared it to Canali and Pal Zaleri and neither matched. It's a pair of triple pleat orphan suit pants that fits super well. But the maker's name is not on the article. 
Anyone recognize the tag?
Thanks for the reply. I've got one more photo for now. I'll post more if needed tonight.
Any help with what type of leather these shoes are please?
 90% wool, 10% Nylon. Filling is polyester. 
Anyone know how the Supima undershirts are compared to the t-shirts?
Proxy size 42? (I wish they had 40). I'll try to look up measurements.
Anyone know when the Vancouver Trunk show is for this year? I need a navy/grey suit for interviews in February..
 If the Goretex holes (which it does have and which can get plugged up with detergents and dirt) were larger than liquid water, then I would hazard to say it wouldn't be waterproof. Water vapor should be smaller than liquid water so you have an anomaly in your statement. A paradox if you will. 
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