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  "Jeans" Friday at work.   Kent Wang WvG 60s Denim chinos Lucchese Shitty elevator lighting
Yeah I don't know if videos are necessary, but I feel that I will pay for super high quality stuff if I can be convinced it is worth it. I trust Mauro's knowledge, but that's mostly enough to make me think "This thing is super premium, but I don't really need that." I err on the side of not buying things because otherwise I'd just buy everything. However, if you can really make it connect with me I'm a sucker. Like I'm totally down with some donegal wool produced by the...
Word. I really need to get more things in rotation for work, heh.
Will the trousers be more summer-weight for this batch? Loving my winter trousers, but now that it's hitting 100 they're getting a little uncomfortable outside.
The shorts are awesome, and I really hope we get to see some more summery colors in them.
TOJ were running about $750 or $800 I think?   I have to say, I'm not certain how much of the TOJ market you will capture. You seem to dislike Drew's design, which was a pretty significant part of the appeal to a lot of his customers (along with the MTM and the prices, of course). But that's putting the cart before the horse as you haven't even designed anything yet, so maybe you'll rock the casbah.
Got my order of new tees. Really sick stuff. I'd take a picture but the lighting in my bathroom at night is shitty and it just doesn't look good.   Anyway, the new fabric has a lot more structure than last year's. Less gauzy, but it almost feels lighter.    Also, the white is much less sheer for those that worry about such things (like my wife). I have what I would call significant chest hair and can't see a thing through it.
Does the button stance look unusually high on the blazer? Or do true blazers just have a higher button stance than jackets?
I forget; on the new dress shirts, am I recalling correctly that the BD will not be darted? Or was that just a feature you could request?
 No, it's the "60s denim" chino from the previous run, in the Predator cut. As Mauro said, they're in the sale section of the site still. I'm not sure why people didn't jump on them during the big sale, but maybe because (as Mauro also alluded to) the product pictures were a little off. Specifically, the actual color is more muted than what the product shots show.
New Posts  All Forums: