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Did we ever talk about sizing on the sneakers? I presume size up if you're a half size?   Edit: Bah, and in the time I spent waffling over sizing I lost the two items in my cart that I was most excited about. RIP navy polka dot shirt, we would have had good times.
If he's actually waiting for a consensus, yeah I'd wager that's never going to happen.
Well, I got refunded for both, so if I get some in the mail I guess I'll owe mauro ;).
Dang man. If he can't reach MOQ for navy freakin' trousers I'm doubting we'll ever hit it for any trousers again except maybe some crazy patterns or something.  In that case, I'm open to suggestions for quality lightweight trousers in a fit along the lines of predator. 
I ordered the navy on blue lightweight wool and the vibrant blue, both in predator. Curious if that means they didn't meet MOQ or if there were more orders than fabric and I got bumped out.Going to have to go somewhere else to get some lightweight trousers I suppose.
Did anyone else get their trouser order refunded? Really disappointed; I'm in dire need of summer weight trousers and have been waiting a year for Mauro to drop some.
Sorry, I meant that with respect to the trousers that end preorder today. For some reason nothing got quoted when I quoted Chupas, though.
Thanks! Related question: Do we have any idea when these are slated to be produced and ship?
I'm curious how these will look too. I think all we have is a swatch of each, which look very, very similar. I was hoping to fill out a summer work wardrobe from WvG but I'd rather not have just 3 pair of blue trousers for summer.
Yes, finally lightweight wool trousers. I've been holding out for those for work. Chinos are explicitly ruled out by our dress code and I figure linen would be pushing it.   I as well waffled too long on the overdyes, even with the extension. I wanted to pick up the three I voted for as well as a pair of the trousers, but I also need to buy a new pair of shoes, the aforementioned summer trousers, and to replace some dress shirts, and I figured my wife might actually get...
New Posts  All Forums: