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Nah, I think a lot of people want true no show socks. It's all I wear in the summer if I wear socks, but I wear the cheapo Journeys ones that don't do much except keep my feet from getting junk on them from my nasty summer beater shoes.
Yeah, TOJ was incredible quality for the price, but also people hyped over Drew's design process a lot too. He focused pretty hard on the sortof streetwear elitist, if I can be forgiven for any possible negative connotations. He did a lot of stuff like referencing Japanese menswear magazines to define styles and etc. As an outsider to that, it can make it look like it's a product that is attainable price-wise while still being so cool you're not even sure what's cool about...
The white with blue sharks is pretty sweet. Hard to tell from pics of the rest what I'd be down with. My experience so far has been that all of the fabrics are infinitely better in person than they appear in pics.
My main takeaway from the brand has been that every single thing I've gotten has had some awesomeness that I didn't expect. The fabric is basically always way better than I could imagine, no matter how much Mauro hypes it up. Sometimes he doesn't even hype the fabric itself but just the design, and the fabric is awesome anyways (the sheep shirt is the softest cotton I've ever felt, and the khaki floral shirt has the coolest weave while also being very soft).  The fit is...
Wait, are trouser pre-orders closed???
You and me both, brother. Pretty sure I'm going to end up with like 4 pairs of trousers. And at that point why not just get one of each, right?
Do we know when the trouser pre-orders are scheduled to end? We just got internet access at our new house so I've been out of the loop for a while, but I definitely want to pick up some of those.   Question that I don't think I've seen answered: How should we size the waist on these trousers compared to the predator chinos? Or is there not even a relationship and we should just remeasure our waist somewhere higher?
Those photos are a massive step up for marketing, IMO.   Looking forward to the trousers, and those white sneakers look incredible. I'm the opposite of the above poster and have been looking for a chunkier shoe but haven't been able to find one that suits me, and those look like precisely what I want.   Did people who've gotten sheep shirts and donegal chambrays get shipping confirmation? I got an email asking me what body style I preordered but haven't gotten any...
This is kinda random, but how are the sleeve lengths on your flannels? Did you get them customized? I only have my brown/red/white flannel right now (moving and stuff is in storage) but the sleeves barely reach my wrist bone. I seem to recall hearing that this was normal, but I feel like my other WvG long sleeves aren't that short. I'm wondering if I shrunk mine or something.
Sweeet. I'll probably hold off on flannels then. Unfortunately I live in Texas and barely get to wear the two I bought last season :(.
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