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Wait, the pricing on the leathers is $600 before members discount?   I can't recall; has the discount changed with the new system, or is it still 50/60%? That seems insane.
Hey guys, been a while (like, 2 years) since I've visited this thread, but my suede boots are needing a resole.   What are the current thoughts on the best resoling provider? Last I heard Alden was way backed up (like 6+months) on resoling and B. Nelson was being recommended as the go to. Is that still the case?
Wait, the thread is still shutting down? I'm so confused.
Question with regards to the stock of animal print shirts. I assume it's too late to do something like request short sleeves? Or could we ask for that at an extra fee?
I don't think I'm in for this round of shoes (I liked the third design that doesn't seem to have made the cut), but out of curiosity, did any of the testers have a Brannock measurement solidly in a half size? I'm a spot on 10.5 Brannock, and 10s are almost always too tight for me in TTS brands while 11s have extra room.
So if I was very comfortable in the Predator chinos in a 33 waist, how much slimmer will the Enzo be in the same size? I guess the Predator are actually the least slim pants I own, but I've really been digging that they still look very clean. That said, I only snagged 2 pair and would love to have some navy and charcoal.
Nah, I think a lot of people want true no show socks. It's all I wear in the summer if I wear socks, but I wear the cheapo Journeys ones that don't do much except keep my feet from getting junk on them from my nasty summer beater shoes.
Yeah, TOJ was incredible quality for the price, but also people hyped over Drew's design process a lot too. He focused pretty hard on the sortof streetwear elitist, if I can be forgiven for any possible negative connotations. He did a lot of stuff like referencing Japanese menswear magazines to define styles and etc. As an outsider to that, it can make it look like it's a product that is attainable price-wise while still being so cool you're not even sure what's cool about...
The white with blue sharks is pretty sweet. Hard to tell from pics of the rest what I'd be down with. My experience so far has been that all of the fabrics are infinitely better in person than they appear in pics.
My main takeaway from the brand has been that every single thing I've gotten has had some awesomeness that I didn't expect. The fabric is basically always way better than I could imagine, no matter how much Mauro hypes it up. Sometimes he doesn't even hype the fabric itself but just the design, and the fabric is awesome anyways (the sheep shirt is the softest cotton I've ever felt, and the khaki floral shirt has the coolest weave while also being very soft).  The fit is...
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