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I'm totally okay with the delays for the product we get. I do sometimes wonder whether it would be possible to offer the products far enough ahead of the season to have a reasonable shot at getting them on time, though. Are the appropriate fabrics just not available ahead of season?
All I know is I need more pants. I've got shirts out the wazoo, to the point that I'm passing on pre-orders for things that I think I will actually like because I just don't have space for it, but I'm jonesing for more pants.
I don't see this on the blog, but I assume the merino marled tees are long sleeve crew neck as well?
Mauro's pricing is almost clinically insane. You're correct that Reddit often balks at prices, and any time it comes up I do my best to assure people that he should be charging double what he does, and if it's a sale you're probably actually paying wholesale prices.MFA on Reddit is a mixed bunch, though. There is a core of influential posters that are well versed in understanding pricing and value, but the vast majority of the audience are complete neophytes that are just...
Yeah at this point I think it's safe to assume that almost nothing will get made more than once. Even the basics like tees see significant changes from run to run it seems.
This seems like a break in issue to me. I had the same problem first time I put them on. It felt like I needed to entirely unlace them to get my foot in even with a shoe horn. After a few wears they still need a shoe horn but it doesn't take noticeable effort anymore.
This is not super surprising, really. For whatever reason I've found a lot of Mauro's more unusual stuff looks way better once I get it in my hands. I was going to jump on some Nicos on sale just to try, but by my size was sold out in any color I'd actually be likely to wear. Also yeah, those white slip-ons are the ones I was thinking of earlier that I would have snapped up in a second. I was mildly surprised he left those out of his production run as they seemed like the...
Yeah. I went for them at this price point because even though I think they only work in a few fits (with my Enzo chinos) that's fine at $60. I love the leather and the profile, though, so I wish they worked with more stuff. The Nicos I unfortunately can't really see wearing. The wingtip sneaker thing is just kinda poisoned water for me after all the goofy semi-dress shoe things like that I've seen at crappy stores. Would have loved the other options that Mauro posted...
 This is interesting. I pre-ordered the vibrant blue (and another pair) and was refunded, so I assumed they didn't get made. I got a shipping notification out of the blue for that order on July 27, but the tracking is showing as not found. Weird.
Yeah, I love the Enzo shorts as well, but I'm not sure they needed the extra darting to taper the leg opening even further. The enzo cut is already pretty slim in the upper block.
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