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I forget; on the new dress shirts, am I recalling correctly that the BD will not be darted? Or was that just a feature you could request?
 No, it's the "60s denim" chino from the previous run, in the Predator cut. As Mauro said, they're in the sale section of the site still. I'm not sure why people didn't jump on them during the big sale, but maybe because (as Mauro also alluded to) the product pictures were a little off. Specifically, the actual color is more muted than what the product shots show.
The 60s denim chinos are possibly the perfect summer color.
Finally got my wool trousers in from the preorder (due to my ordering after the deadline). They are ridiculously awesome. I would buy pretty much any color in this cut (and I need some variety in my work wardrobe anyway), especially in different weights. 
The white bamboo tee from last year is partially see through, yeah. Question: If the Enzo shorts are a little too aggressively slim for me in true sizing, would sizing up one loosen them a little, or would they just fit goofy? For some reason the slimness works for me on the trousers but on the shorts they just feel painted on.
He said he was making some in other fabrics at some point right? I'm looking forward to it. Also making me wish my popovers were S/S.
Wait, the thread is still shutting down? I'm so confused.
Question with regards to the stock of animal print shirts. I assume it's too late to do something like request short sleeves? Or could we ask for that at an extra fee?
I don't think I'm in for this round of shoes (I liked the third design that doesn't seem to have made the cut), but out of curiosity, did any of the testers have a Brannock measurement solidly in a half size? I'm a spot on 10.5 Brannock, and 10s are almost always too tight for me in TTS brands while 11s have extra room.
So if I was very comfortable in the Predator chinos in a 33 waist, how much slimmer will the Enzo be in the same size? I guess the Predator are actually the least slim pants I own, but I've really been digging that they still look very clean. That said, I only snagged 2 pair and would love to have some navy and charcoal.
New Posts  All Forums: