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No, I do not. Haven't gotten any skin eating bacteria yet.
 Well I didn't say I was going to stop preordering :). I haven't in a while, but just because I'm pretty set on shirts at the moment and am waiting for some more pants that I need to come around. The double edged sword of making high quality well constructed clothes is that I don't need to replace them.
I'm just wondering how this isn't handled by contracts, though I know nothing about Italian contract law. I feel like I would contract for a specific production deadline, and the contract would probably include concessions for unforeseeable delays, but would not allow my order to get bumped simply because someone more important wanted it bumped.   But I'm sure there's something I'm missing.
It seems incredibly shitty that factories will bump orders back just because a bigger client came around. In my line of work that would just get your ass fired and blackballed.
I don't think the enzo rise is unprofessionally low, but I find that it makes my torso look awkwardly long when I tuck in.
 Yeah, apparent lack of interest makes me sad. All I really want right now are some more WvG slacks/trousers for work. I wear the winter wool trousers from a couple years back in inappropriate summer weather as it is. I'd definitely be interested in higher rise Enzos. The slimness is not too slim for professional events, but the rise is a little too low to tuck a shirt into professionally IMO.
The fabric on my Enzos is pretty great. Very thick and very soft compared to anything else I own.    That said, while I like the fit, it is relatively slim. Not skinny, but on the slim side of slim. They draw attention/comments at work events, for example. I fucking love them, though. I wish Mauro would produce pants more regularly. The value for quality is so good.   That said, has anyone else gotten the Bordeaux predators? I picked some up on the last sale so I can't...
I'm totally okay with the delays for the product we get. I do sometimes wonder whether it would be possible to offer the products far enough ahead of the season to have a reasonable shot at getting them on time, though. Are the appropriate fabrics just not available ahead of season?
All I know is I need more pants. I've got shirts out the wazoo, to the point that I'm passing on pre-orders for things that I think I will actually like because I just don't have space for it, but I'm jonesing for more pants.
I don't see this on the blog, but I assume the merino marled tees are long sleeve crew neck as well?
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