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Yeah, I think it's good. I doubt he was asking if you could wear it in place of a blazer to a client meeting or something. I wear my collared moto with bizcaz and I like the look, although an A2 might be a more classic thing to mix with bizcaz, probably because we have a cultural image of Airmen wearing bombers over their dress uniform.
Right, but sometimes they do contain a link to preorder information that is members-only. Although I think the way he's running it now the preorder is a page on the website that AFAIK anyone could access if they had the link, you'd only get the link emailed to you through the rewards program.
I forget, do they modify the size of the jacket going form a moto to a bomber for the same person?   There's a pretty incredibly priced bomber I'm looking at and it's almost spot on my moto measurements. .5" wider shoulder, .5" longer sleeves and a little under 2" shorter on front length (I sized my moto slightly long, FWIW).
Another note on product shots.   For some reason I find that those pics he posts of the shirts folded up nicely and at a slight angle are like 1000 times sexier than any of the other pics. Anyone else notice this?   It may be because you get a good feel for the thickness and softness of the fabric, I think.
He has said in a couple of posts in this thread that he is planning on moving to more expensive fabrics, yes. I can see not noticing that if you don't follow this thread closely, but I figure I would check closely before going off the handle about it. Seriously, though, why the hostility? This is something I forgot in my previous post. I had no idea about this when I purchased my membership. Again, it was a members-only preorder so it wouldn't have applied to me, but still...
I agree with a lot of what has already been said.   Re: getting people to buy in on the rewards program, I feel like you could make the way things work more prominent on the website with the goal of letting people understand that your purpose is not to sell $200 shirts but rather to build a group of people that want to buy into a wholesale membership.   If you consider someone who finds the brand through the website (or otherwise finds it by word of mouth without being...
And I'm specifically talking about the people saying "Lol you're all getting scammed your money is gone suckers." While for most people it's probably impossible to recover their money via chargebacks and the like, what I'm talking about is potential criminal penalties for fraud. Mismanagement just seems much more likely. But again, I'm pretty sure the people saying this is a straight up scam are trolls that don't actually care what they're saying.
That's reasonable, but the people that are being, IMO, ridiculous are those saying they've taken the money and run. I mean, I understand the idea, but it's not like SK is a sub third world country with no laws. I don't know anything about their legal system, so I could be wrong, but I'd guess they have a criminal penalty for fraud, and it would just seem less than intelligent to attempt to massively defraud a bunch of people that know your name, what you look like, and...
Wow, yeah, hitting up that Donegal for sure. That's my weak point.
About 98% of what people are saying is rampant speculation based on Drew's posts.
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