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I guess it depends whether you consider people claiming that Drew scammed everyone and is never going to deliver any more jackets to be slander or not. 
  Getting some use out of the dolphin shirt.   Unrelated: When are you releasing onesies Mauro?
He might be referring to the fact tha tDrew mentioned around the time of the wallets that they might do a run of harringtons as part of the fundraiser separate from the normal items, and then never said anything else about it.
I know this has been asked before but my forum search function skills are lacking.   For the chinos, does you measure your true waist or your hips for waist size?
 If I had to guess I'd say that they're not getting finished in strictly chronological order.
Well, the popover situation seems to have escalated quite quickly. Any plans to run off more of them?
Are these new trolls or have they been around the thread before?
I'm pretty jelly of people that got in on the blue Hawaiian, I must admit. Just didn't want to order too many shirts before I was sure of my size.
 Whoa, whoa, you actually asked the company about it? That is not following thread protocol.
Anyone have an estimate as to how many of the past pages are dedicated to people noting how long the wait has been? Like 200 or so? 400?
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