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I've been reading, but just to confirm, no news on harrington option for the fundraiser?
 Oh. My. God. SOJOURNS END at 92% off? That is insanity! Seriously though: Why are 3 different shitty leather duffels frequently purchased together?
I think when all is said and done we understand everyone's arguments, and we should get back to the important issue of whether people who are aware fo the possible year+ wait time want suede harringtons .   Personally, I am planning to live for more than one more year, so I am happy with that wait.
  Yeah, I must say that although I have 0 problems with the wait given my knowledge, I have no idea why they continued to quote completely unrealistic wait times. But oh well.
Yeah, I'm in for a harrington. Been debating a T1 for a long time, and I think it would be a great option, but pretty sure the harrington is what I've really been wanting.
Holy shit I actually got tees before they sold out. Too bad olive was gone, but that's cool.
Randomkoreandude's pic is making me reconsider the lounge pants.
Yeah, something about making a video of your clothes just seems awkward. Like, do you talk? If you don't talk that's kinda creepy, but if you do talk how do you not sound really goofy and fanboyish? Just my thoughts.
 Pretty much, yeah. The thing is that as Drew has said many times most people don't actually need MTM, which is to say that even if your measurements are slightly off it will be just fine. I had my wife help me and double checked the measurements because I was paranoid, but even if I had done it solely by myself I'm pretty sure I'd be fine. The only thing I was even slightly worried about was the length, which is the only part of the jacket that is basically subjective and...
 He recently put out a poll for colors for a new run of OCBDs. He posted somewhere in the thread about the timeline for producing them I believe.
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