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Wait, are trouser pre-orders closed???
You and me both, brother. Pretty sure I'm going to end up with like 4 pairs of trousers. And at that point why not just get one of each, right?
Do we know when the trouser pre-orders are scheduled to end? We just got internet access at our new house so I've been out of the loop for a while, but I definitely want to pick up some of those.   Question that I don't think I've seen answered: How should we size the waist on these trousers compared to the predator chinos? Or is there not even a relationship and we should just remeasure our waist somewhere higher?
Those photos are a massive step up for marketing, IMO.   Looking forward to the trousers, and those white sneakers look incredible. I'm the opposite of the above poster and have been looking for a chunkier shoe but haven't been able to find one that suits me, and those look like precisely what I want.   Did people who've gotten sheep shirts and donegal chambrays get shipping confirmation? I got an email asking me what body style I preordered but haven't gotten any...
This is kinda random, but how are the sleeve lengths on your flannels? Did you get them customized? I only have my brown/red/white flannel right now (moving and stuff is in storage) but the sleeves barely reach my wrist bone. I seem to recall hearing that this was normal, but I feel like my other WvG long sleeves aren't that short. I'm wondering if I shrunk mine or something.
Sweeet. I'll probably hold off on flannels then. Unfortunately I live in Texas and barely get to wear the two I bought last season :(.
Mauro, have you thought of doing anything like winter weight wool trousers? Looking for more variety in my biz caz wardrobe.
The 60s Blue chinos are pretty slick, for real. It's a richer color than just light blue.
Yeah, I think it's good. I doubt he was asking if you could wear it in place of a blazer to a client meeting or something. I wear my collared moto with bizcaz and I like the look, although an A2 might be a more classic thing to mix with bizcaz, probably because we have a cultural image of Airmen wearing bombers over their dress uniform.
Right, but sometimes they do contain a link to preorder information that is members-only. Although I think the way he's running it now the preorder is a page on the website that AFAIK anyone could access if they had the link, you'd only get the link emailed to you through the rewards program.
New Posts  All Forums: