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If you're going in blind then the above advice is about all that anyone can say.  Your only alternative is reputation, especially from folks you personally trust.  If there isn't anyone around who has tried the tailor you're thinking of trying you absolutely are punting the first garment.  Call it money spent on education.
If the coat already has them I'm not about to try and remove any but I'm more of the 'put them on when the elbow show wear', myself.  It's not a big issue.  Order 'em if you like 'em.
I'm fully in favor of color but Dashing Tweeds takes it a step beyond my comfort zone.  However, for those who can wear such patterns comfortably, carry on!
Better than skinny and short!  At least he doesn't look as though his mother was trying to get another year out of something he's obviously outgrown.
Second the 'ew'.
And in SoCal!  Today it was 96 and tomorrow is predicted to be even hotter.  I fear that breaking out the tweeds before November will be naught but an exercise in wishful thinking.
By all means visit the Mearsbespoke website.  Their fabric collection is excellent as it their reputation.
It is, it is!
Oh, satisfactory.  Most satisfactory!
Smashing!  I must get something like that made.
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