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I'd check with a tailor but my guess is that a single meter should do it.  There isn't much material in a vest.
Tweed in its native habitat!  Satisfactory, old chap, most satisfactory.
What?  No matching flat cap?  Sigh . . .
Ah, another man who appreciates matching his vest to his trousers and then putting a complimentary jacket over them.  Well done, that man!  I especially like the last outfit.  Very well turned out, indeed.
Most satisfactory!
Certainly that is the tradition but as far as I'm concerned it should be treated purely as a guideline rather than a rule.  It would all depend on one's location and business.  In the suburbs of the northern tier, where one's office is in a business park rather than downtown, I would call it smart and practical.  And, as you suggest, as a suit for the weekend or vacations at one's 'country place' such a suit would be really quite a good idea.  Down here in the heat, sadly,...
I'm a bit of a purist.  Rhubarb should never be adulterated!
Understood completely.  Mine is the opposite problem.  Though six feet is far from gigantic my arms are disproportionately long and sleeves must almost always be lengthened.  Again, compliments on the magnificent find.
My favorite possible sports jacket!  Indeed, we are fortunate that so many 'bay trawlers are blind to such treasures.  By your comment that it is too long I presume you are relatively young?  If it covers your backside I would be loathe to touch the length.  Of course, it was built for a man over six feet tall and you are more medium sized then shortening it to fit rather than to fashion is only sensible.  Great find, FM, and a great price!
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