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Oh, satisfactory.  Most satisfactory!
Smashing!  I must get something like that made.
Oh, well done David!  Does it include a matching flat cap?
One of my favorite patterns.
That is one good-looking jacket.  Yanno, sooner or later I'm just going to have to send and order to Mears . . .
Peak lapels and tweed definitely do not go together.  Tweed is casual, country wear (even when running around the city) and peak lapels are formal--at least more formal than notched lapels.  This is why you find them on double breasted coats (which are more formal than single breasted) and on evening wear.  Tuxedos should be either shawl or peaked lapels, cheap rentals and Hollywood ignoranti notwithstanding..
I do love a nice herringbone!
And here's a wonderful new tweed hacking jacket.  Very subtle.
Isn't that fun?  It's a German Tyrolean hat decoration.  I think it makes a rocking boutonniere on a shooting coat for autumn.
I thrifted one a bit like that a year or so ago.  Mine lacks the shoulder patch but for $40 who was going to sqawk?
New Posts  All Forums: