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Any new collaborations?
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The Uniqlo and Theory T-down collection can be viewed on Basically, a two toned down jacket. The women's jackets look nicer.
hmm, guess Im not into Undercover stuff, much prefer the Jil Sander collection.   Hope Uniqlo comes up with a good designer for their next collaboration. Raf Simons pls!  
Is this Undercover collection the last collaboration for Uniqlo and Undercover? It says "Final Collection".   Dont really care for this entire Undercover collection. Nothing really stands out.
That's a weird Undercover family! Prefer the +J models, especially the female models.
People here usually use Suddenlee and they work very well. I dont know if they provide international shipping though.   I have used Sutocorp out of Japan and they are reliable as well.  
It would be nice if Uniqlo uses a consistent size for Asia and US/Europe.   Doesnt really make sense for a Japanese S = US XS
They still have +J stuff??  
LA doesnt really have a walkable "downtown". The malls are all over the place and need a car to get around.   SF has a really nice downtown where everything is located and full of tourists as well. Same goes for NYC.   Makes sense to open a store in SF although i cant imagine what the rent must be like... lol  
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