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When will the winners be announced? 
Normally I weigh 15lbs more than I do now at the same body fat%, so I think that with muscle memory it won't take years to be back at the same level ;-)
@ Sugarbutch, SeaJen & a tailor:   Thank you all for the recommendations. I will wait a couple of months before ordering.  It would be stupid to spend money on something that wouldn't fit right. Imagine I would stay in the same shape as I am now, which alterations should be done to provide a better fit?
The shirts are a Christmas present, so I can't wait any longer...  Should order them tomorrow or the day after to get them in time.
Dear tailors,   I will be ordering two new shirts tomorrow online. I will send the mtm company this shirt, but I would like to make some changes to the fit. At this moment my weight is about 78kg (172lbs), but in the next few months it will probably increase to 83kg (183lbs) because I will be going to the gym a lot.    Which alterations should I ask for, baring in mind that I will add some muscle.        [[SPOILER]]
I like you more in the winter...
Stitches, your neighbours must think you're a lunatic...
^ Start with wearing v-neck undershirts and tuck your shirt in...
^ The shoes: love them (they seem sleeker than the RTW double monks on the Hiro last) The rest: no comment.
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