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J.Crew Snuff Suede LWB today.
Likewise for my tan suede chukka, being assembled and card charged.
  AoC Color 8 Wingtip on Leydon Last, E width.  I wear a 9D in the Barrie last but it's a little bit long.  The 9E on the Leydon fits me just right.  I'm glad Epaulet had their MTO's all on the Leydon, I have found that it is the best fit for me.  It isn't very sleek but then again neither is my foot.  
How about a 6-eyelet NST Chukka in Cigar?    
Got these last week from Adam at AoC.  Great ordering experience and at a discount (from the overstocks list).    Leydon Last Color 8 Wingtip on Commando Sole      
Natural CXL Indy to end the work week.  
  Thank you, they were well taken care of.  Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going with PTB.
I really want some cigar shell in my life.  Thinking cigar Indy or PTB.  Any suggestions?     Ravello Chukka today.  
  Arrgh!!! And I was thinking I didn't want an LHS.  This pic changes my mind.  Good looking shoe.    
  No response yet, I'll probably try to give him a call sometime next week.  
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