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FYI guys, the Frans Boone Ravello Indys are from a late 2012 preorder. I got an email from Frans this morning that they are going into production now. January or February delivery.
My new favorite boot for sure.  Thanks again everyone for being a part of it and extra thanks to you Hoit for getting it going.
^they do exist! Laufer, if you don't mind me asking, are you on the east coast?
Hello Gentlemen,  I asked Lauren about tracking info and got her reply this morning around 5AM PST.   The boots are indeed ready and were shipped out Monday. I have been based in a different shop and I have everyone's details for e-mails and I am based in the shop tomorrow that posted these shoes out to everyone so I will be able to e-mail all of the tracking numbers out tomorrow. I have not yet got to see the boots however other members of staff have informed me that...
 Thank you for setting everything up.  
 Sent her an email yesterday too but haven't heard back yet. I am in though.
Sold pending payment.
Price Drop! $450... $400.  
SOLD Hello SF, I have for sale a pair of AF80's from Alden of Carmel.  These are on the Leydon last in size 9E.  I have worn them less than 5 times.  Asking $450 $400 and includes shipping to CONUS.  Shoe trees not included.   First picture is from AoC's website.  PM me if you have any questions.  Thanks.
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